-Sachin Subbiah IX F

I hail from Kannankulam, a so called nondescript place in South India, and visit it every year. Kannankulam is a small hamlet in Radhapuram block in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu state. It is actually located on the border of Tirunelvelliand  Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.

Natural beauty is the major attraction of my village.  It was a two day long train journey from Mumbai to Nagercoil junction – a station in Kanyakumari. As the train chugged into Tirunelveli, the young traveler in me looking out, was  struck by the contrasting  change in the landscape ; from concrete jungle  of tenements to overwhelming   sights of  swaying and dancing paddy crops on wide swathes of land.Tiru-nel-veli, translates as Sacred Paddy Hedge. Even the tall and highly elevated palms and wind mills are a sight to behold.


We  have a  bungalow built  by my father two  years ago. The courtyard boasts of many plants and trees.  I need to say about the beach there. We have a serene beach too. It is an outstanding creation of nature. I could say that even Goa beaches would fail in front of our beach. I had an out of the world experience there.   The coastal village people show great interest in gardening, besides being engaged in agriculture. Wehave two perennial lakes in our village. People of different faiths residein Kannankulam

The main reason for our trip was to attend the ten day feast of Our Lady of Ransom. The feast was a heady mix of religious fervour and entertainment, that captured  our cultural heritage. There was also a chariot procession of our Lady.

My summer vacation’s sunny hourszipped by, and Mumbai beckoned us . That’s when I realized that nothing is permanent.  For people who support development, greenery and the coast, my village, ”Kannankulam,” would definitely be an excellent place to  visit.



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