It’s a Beans way of Life

I see trees which are green,

but they are all born from beans.

The beans get sowed in the soil,

and the mosquitoes get chocked by the coil.


The poor bean is not cared by all,

As it is been thrown on the road or in the hall.

But the poor little bean has no option,

Can only pray or maintain caution.


Now I realize how hard it is to be a bean,

When the outside world is so mean.

He has to take care all the time,

Or he’d land up like a crushed lime.


Let’s take the initiative to respect the bean,

Try to be kind not mean.

It’s my request to all to take care of the bean,

Respect it and not be mean.

Don Bosco High School, Matunga

Jayden Machado

Class VIII D (Roll No. 21)

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