Student’s Corner Articles for Creative Craft Day
Std. III

Craftiness is happiness
Today, at the time of creative craft day activity, I was very much excited as always. We learnt to make a colorful wall hanging. I really enjoyed the class. I made only one colorful hanging but I will definitely make many more for my birthday, Diwali and Christmas decoration. I will teach this wall hanging to my sister too and we both will happily decorate our house.
Sky Mohite III D

Today, in Creative Craft Day we made a flower wall hanging. I will make more for Diwali and use it to decorate our house.
Sujeet Pawde III D

On 26 October 2020, we had our creative craft day online class. We had already kept the craft materials ready. Pearl teacher showed us to make a flower with the colourful strips of papers. It was a wall hanging. I will use it for Diwali decoration. I enjoyed making it very much. Thank you.
Aryan Shadija III D

Today we have learned how to make flower wall hanging. It is very easy and it looks very beautiful. I am going to make more paper flowers and I will use it for my Diwali decoration. Thank you Pearl teacher and Alareen teacher.
Arnav Nair III D

Today we had a nice session on Creative Craft. We were asked to keep craft materials ready for the session. Mrs. Pearl guided us to make a beautiful flower wall hanging. She also gave us the idea to make it for our Diwali decoration. I enjoyed the activity session very much.
Malhar Gargote III D

Creative Craft Day was about refreshing and learning new art skills. We learnt how to make a paper flower – wall hanging during the session. Teacher taught us how to cut, fold and measure craft paper and create something beautiful out of it. It was a fun experience for me. I am looking forward to learn more new things in the future. Thank you teacher.
Kiaan Shetye III D

Today, 26th October 2020, we, the students of Std. 3 had a fun filled Creative Craft Day. Our teacher taught us to make a very beautiful & colourful wall hanging flower using multiple colour craft papers.
The boys had to cut 8 different coloured craft papers in strips and then staple them together in the center, we then stuck each end of the strip in center forming petals. At the end of the last strip formed a beautiful flower, we tied a small piece of wool to one of the petal so we could hang it. It was so creative and I had fun learning and making the flower.
Nathan Fernandes III D

Creative Craft Activity was something new to me but I loved to do it. It was a nice experience. I enjoyed making the wall hanging and I want to try many more craft work.
Aarush Patare III D

Creativity is the best boost for our mind.
And computer is developing our knowledge.
We will do more work in less time with a computer,
but creative work gives us satisfaction.
Mclane Louis III D

Today on 26th October we had an interesting day in our online school ‘Creative craft day’. I was very excited because it’s my favorite topic – craft. Teacher taught us a new and a very nice activity. We made a paper flower and tied a string to it and a beautiful wall hanging was ready. I enjoyed and loved it the most. I am going to make more such paper flowers for Diwali decoration. Thank you teachers for making us learn a new craft activity. 😀🌸🏵😀
Aakash Chaskar III D

In today’s class we made a colourful flower hanging from craft paper. For our festivals like Diwali and Christmas we can make craft items to decorate our house. Also we can gift craft items to our friends and relatives as well. Craft makes us more creative.
Aarush Mankar III D

Today being Creative Craft Day, I was looking forward to learn something new from my teachers. The paper craft that was done today was a colourful flower used to hang as a decoration which can be used for Diwali or to hang on a Christmas tree.
This craft helped me in many ways. It taught me basic inputs to use things like using scissors for paper cutting and ruler to measure paper in centimeters and to be precise in cutting the required paper for the craft. It helped me to focus and made me creative. I learnt something new today. It helped me build my confidence, patience and made me more independent and disciplined. I learnt to do the art with teacher very quickly and could submit my colourful flower on time. I liked it very much that I have hanged it on my wall. Everyone at home also appreciated my flower. Thank you teacher for helping us to learn such new creative art work through online school. 🙏🏽👍❤️
Zeeshan Sayed III D

Today’s (26th October) creative craft day was fun. Teacher taught us how to make beautiful wall decor flowers for our Diwali decoration. I enjoyed the class and made few colourful flowers for my study room. This Diwali, I will decorate my room with these colourful flowers for sure. Thank you teacher for teaching us such great creative activity.
Pushkal Chowrasya III D

Today on 26th October 2020, our school organized Creative Craft Day, Pearl teacher taught us how to make a paper flower wall hanging. We can use this as home-made lantern for Diwali decoration. I loved and enjoyed making this paper flower during our online school session. It was well explained by our teacher and was very easy to make. Our class teacher Mrs. Alareen Fernandes also clicked our photo. Thank you teachers for this lovely Creative Craft Day.
Ayaan Shah III D

It was indeed a great pleasure to have a creative craft day after our exams. It was a boost up for us. And the bonus part was I just loved every moment of the class because it was fun and quite exciting. Indeed, creative minds are rarely tidy. Last but not the least in crafting there are no mistakes but unique creations. It’s the best way to learn as we learn from our mistakes and become perfect. Thank you
Ronaldo Andrade III D

Everyone is creative in his own way. I love to learn new things. I loved making the wall hanging on creative craft day.
Avaneesh Polasa III D

Today, we celebrated Creative Craft Day in our online class. Teacher taught us how to make beautiful hanging flower especially for Diwali decoration. We enjoyed the Creative Craft Day.
Vihaan Tawde III D

I had a wonderful experience today during Creative Craft Day, as our teacher demonstrated the wall hanging. I enjoyed making artistic wall hanging using colorful craft papers. l believe what Albert Einstein rightly opined “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.
I too had lots of fun in creating something artistic for my house.
Elazaro D’Costa III D

Hello! Today, 26th October, we had Creative Craft Day. Ms Pearl showed us how to make a pretty flower wall hanging. Paper folding craft helps in building your creativity. Our class teacher Mrs.Alareen posted some videos in our google classroom. They were very interesting as it showed us how to reuse waste materials and turn them into creative decorations. I enjoyed today’s session and learned something new.
Lathaniel Gomes III D

Today, we had ‘Creative Craft Day ‘ in our class. We all got to know how to make a flower wall hanging for Diwali decoration. I have learned various new things via this e-learning process and thank my teachers for teaching us new things every day.
Ritesh Dash III D

Today at the Creative craft day, I learnt to make a simple yet a beautiful and colourful Diwali decoration taught by Miss. Pearl.
My class teacher, Miss. Alareen had asked us to keep the required things ready for this day. She encouraged us to be independent and do the craft activity by ourselves. Besides this my teacher had shared more videos in the google classroom to make different kinds of other decorations. I enjoyed making the craft articles and will make some more.
Zach Dmello III D

I was happy to make the flower hanging in class as it can be used for diwali decoration. The flower hanging is colourful and beautiful.
Nathan Fernandes III D

‘Creativity is making marvelous out of discarded’. Today we had Creative Craft Day. Ms. Ranjana taught us to make a flower wall hanging. Our class teacher also encouraged us to make a neat work. We enjoyed today’s activity very much.
Devansh Singh III A

On 26th October,2020, we celebrated Creative Craft Day. Our class teacher informed us about the requirements well in advance. I was very excited to keep my things ready for this special day. Teacher taught us to make a flower wall hanging. It was very easy. My teachers and parents appreciated me for making a colourful wall hanging.I was delighted as craftiness is happiness.
Ambar Annarkar III A

It is said that ‘In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations’. Creative Craft Day made us creative. We enjoyed making a flower wall hanging. We used different colour paper strips to make a beautiful wall hanging. Thank you teachers. It was a good learning experience.
Mayank Bhise III A

Apart from learning important subjects, I love to do craft work. I was eagerly waiting for Creative Craft Day. It helped us to learn the basic techniques of how to handle and take care of the instruments i.e. Scissor, sharp tools etc. I also learnt to make creative things.
Thank you Teacher.
David Rezin III A

Today we celebrated Creative Craft Day in our online class. We made a flower wall hanging with the colourful strips, fevicol and wool. Teacher taught us to be creative. I will use the wall hanging to decorate our house on my birthday.
Shaan Bhirwadkar III A

Something hand- made is so much more meaningful
Creative Craft Day was a very nice day. We really enjoyed it. We participated actively in it. The colourful flowers that we made looked very attractive.
Nayam Jain III B

Today we had Creative Craft Day during our online class. Teacher taught us to make a flower with eight different colourful strips of paper. It was easy and I enjoyed doing it. Sometimes hand made things are so useful and meaningful. I would love to make such beautiful things creatively, inventing and experimenting. It helps me to correct my mistakes and learn from them.
Nuren Shah III B

Craft is a hobby. It involves making things with one`s hands. Today I learned to be a designer. I made my own colourful flower wall hanging with paper which I shall use as a decoration.
Raj Kadam III B

On 26th October, 2020 during Creative Craft Day teacher showed us how to make a floral wall hanging using colourful strips of paper, fevicol and wool. I made it and put it on my wall at home. Shahnaaz teacher showed us a video of bottle painting and a bangle activity from old bangles. I learnt to be creative thanks to this day.
Andrew Lawrence III B

Being creative gives one the opportunity to try out new ideas which help us to acknowledge and celebrate our uniqueness. To show our creativity in the form of craft is quite challenging as it needs fine motor skills and eye- hand coordination.
Today we celebrated Creative Craft Day online. Miss. Ranjana wonderfully explained and demonstrated how to make a beautiful flower with colourful strips in an easy way. It was a fun-filled session and a great stress buster too.
Aashmann Savardekar III B

Today we had an interesting Creative Craft Day. Our class teacher had informed us prior to this day about the materials we would require for the activity. She shared three videos with us related to this day. I was enthusiastic about creating a floral wall hanging from paper as shown in class. I even painted an empty bottle with my mother`s help. This turned into an amazing activity and I loved it. Now I am motivated to try out different things every day in a creative manner. Thank you to my teachers.
Daksh Mahadik III B

Today’s activity was very nice. I enjoyed a lot. The teacher taught the activity in a very easy method. I loved this activity so I am going to make many more flowers and decorate my house on this Diwali. Thank you teacher for this session.
Shreedhar Nadar III C

We had Creative Craft day on 26th October. Pearl teacher taught us to make a beautiful flower wall hanging. We made this by using colourful strips of paper. I have hung this colourful decorative flower near my window and will make a few more for Diwali. I thoroughly enjoyed the Creative Craft class and I hope we have more of such sessions in the future.
Ethan Fonseca III C

Today we had a creative craft online class which was very helpful. Mrs. Pearl Lobo taught us how to make a lovely flower with colourful paper strips. We can make these flowers to decorate our homes for birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc…I had fun making it and will surely make some more…
William Dias III C

Today, on 26th October we celebrated Creative Craft Day in which we learnt to make decorative hanging flower from colourful papers for the first time. We enjoyed a lot. We can use it for Diwali decoration, the festival which is round the corner. We can gift it to our relatives also. Thank you teacher and Head Teacher for arranging such creative and interesting activities for us.
Adwait Gawde III C

On 26th October 2020, students of Std.3 celebrated Creative Craft Day.
This year it was presented innovatively. Nerissa Teacher had asked us to keep the following materials ready and I was very excited about the session.
At 11.45am after our computer class we started with the creative craft day session. I was eagerly waiting for the session to start. Ms Pearl explained us very nicely about the steps we need to follow. We made a Paper Flower Wall Hanging. I was so happy that we created something new this time and we can also use this to decorate our house during festivals.
Later we clicked our pictures with Paper Flower Wall Hanging and sent it in our class group. The overall activity was very well executed by the teachers in spite being an online session. Each and every student of our class was able to make his own wall hanging.
Special thanks to our Head teacher Ms Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and Ms. Pearl for encouraging us to learn new things staying at home and making this session innovative and creative.
Rithvik Shenoy III C

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