A camp for leaders at Don Bosco Lonavla
-Craig D’Cruz Std X

We, the newly elected members of the Student Council and the Working Committee of Don Bosco High School Matunga for the academic year 2019-20, attended a memorable leadership camp at the picturesque Don Bosco, Lonavla. The dates scheduled for the camp were July 10 and July 11, 2019. It was an opportunity for us, the council members to discover the leader in ourselves and grow as effective leaders. 39 members of the student council accompanied by the Vice-Principal, Mr. CliffRichard D’souza, the supervisors Mrs. Elizabeth Soares and Mrs. Pauline Vallado, and Mr. Neehal Salunkhe made it to the camp.

The camp began with an icebreaker that enabled the students to get familiar with one another and to understand their goals and mission. Rev. Fr. Xavier conducted an outdoor session where the students visited Maria Ashiyaana, a drug rehabilitation centre. This session made us realize that we should always serve those in need with love and compassion in our hearts.

An exciting moment at the camp was an energizing trek to the hills and streams around the Tungarli Dam. The trek helped us relax and we all made the most of it. The monsoon showers added to the delightful experience of the trek. Another exciting session after the trek awaited us- the viewing of the movie ‘INVICTUS’, which portrayed the life of the late Dr. Nelson Mandela. In this session, Brother Alister enabled us to reflect on the values of humility, nobility and service. On day two, there was an enlightening session on the school policies. This session was conducted by Rector, Rev. Fr. Crispino D’souza and the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes. This session dealt with the importance of the new policy document that comprised the different policies relating to various aspects – discipline, safety, sports, environment … – and these were to be implemented from this academic year. The leaders were asked to take the initiative of getting familiar with the document.

The presence of our Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino DSouza and our Principal Rev.Fr.Bernard Fernandes on the second day of the camp was indeed valuable and made the young leaders feel that they were loved and cared for at all times.

The camp concluded with the vote of thanks to Don Bosco Lonavla Administrator, Rev. Fr. Royal D’Abreo, for the comfortable stay and the enriching input sessions. At the end of this motivating and engaging leadership camp we are raring to go!

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