A compilation of three poems by Sachin Subbiah – 8A
Health & Wealth
Oh! Man running in the rat race!
Do you wish a life of health?
Oh my, Oh my,
You’re ruining it with your wealth.

Oh! Man climbing in the crab jar!
Working without sleep for wealth.
Oh my, Oh my,
Its consequences can’t be faced by thee.

Oh! Man jumping like a greedy fox!
Thy greed has made thee a regular attendant at Dr. Smiths.
Oh no, Oh no,
All thy wealth has eroded due to improper care of health.

Oh! Man roaring like a lion roars on an illusion!
Why do you admire the sparkling illusion of wealth?
Oh no, Oh no,
Health like a stone has rippled this illusion.

Oh! Man crying over lost things!
Stop crying and take care of your health
Oh people, worshiping wealth,
I hope thee have escaped this world of illusions.

Oh! Man debating on thy point of view!
Only when you’re sick thee will rewind the past.
Oh people, worshiping wealth,
Only then you will follow the right path.

My friend
Hundred friends but you are the one,
With a gentle smile you win over everyone
Your name is as sweet as honey
Unable to earn a pal like you with money
Together we study and have fun
All day long we play in the sun
Though we may speak different languages & follow different customs
Our friendship always blossoms
And I know that even if everyone flea
You will always be there with me
Your name and fame is in the air
You are a pearl which is rear
The moment I am with you my heart delights
Together we can achieve great heights
Bye! Bye! We wave at last
Waiting for the night to pass fast

The Majestic Maker of Me – My Mother
Trillions of people around the world
But you are the one who has me as your world

As gorgeous as the rising sun
Like the chocolate as sweet as can be
When others fled, you were always the one
Who at all times supported and motivated me

My first teacher, first friend and first word
You always lead me well in this complicated world
A selfless person who wants me to have all good
More precious than the Kohinoor so good

More loving than the Omnipotent
A gentle smile that vanishes my worries
Who else would be more nurturing than you?
The Majestic & Marvelous Maker of Me…

I love you MOM.

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