A lesson for life

-Master Gabriel Barros 7 B

Once upon a time the sky was as blue as it could be, there was no pollution and birds were flying everywhere with the water below being crystal clear. Once Papa crow and Mama crow wanted to give birth to little baby crows. So they decided to build a nest. They flew in search of a good tree to their nest. Then they found one on the shoreline. They built the nest on two branches and laid out wonderful eggs.

Papa crow said, “Won’t it be dangerous to keep it here?” Mama crow replied, “What can little water do? Nothing shall happen.” But the water was listening to their conversation; he decided to strike back at the right time.

Papa crow and Mama crow never seemed to leave the nest until one day Papa crow said, “Why don’t we get a table for ourselves to eat food on?”Mama crow liked the idea so they set out to buy a table. Taking the opportunity, the water made big, huge waves and washed away the nest. When Mama crow and Papa crow returned they realized how wrong they were to underestimate the power of water.

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