A lock down we have experienced for the very first time – Std IV D & III B

My experience during the lockdown, due to the novel corona virus (COVID 19)

I was very happy to be home, from the 16th of March, since school was closed, due to deadly coronavirus. On the 17th of March, when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21 day lockdown, I was happy that our holidays were extended. I used to spend my time, doing the daily homework given by our teacher, Ms Kashmira, making new origami items and playing table tennis against the wall. I also began learning to play new songs like ‘Faded’ and ‘Alone’ on the piano. I even enjoyed playing football with my dad, in the living room. But after a week at home, I began to get a little bored. I do miss my school and my friends a lot. I pray that the doctors find a cure for this virus and that life can get back to normal, soon.

– Liam Sequeira IV D


During these 21 days of lockdown, my first priority is praying to Jesus for Peace and Healing in this world. I have developed a habit of reading, helping my mother in household chores and being creative with things available at home. I make every effort to drink warm water frequently, gargle with warm salt water, drinking warm turmeric milk and keeping myself clean. I even sing and dance around to be joyful. I believe by doing all these. I am keeping myself safe and everyone around me are also safe. Pray, be wise and stay protected.

Eshant Nikam IV  – D


Holidays are always good. But such holidays are never expected and no good where the entire world experiences a locked down. I missed my school exams, my summer camp, my friends and my birthday party celebration. My family followed the advice of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and stayed indoors. On 22nd March we came in our balcony for five minutes and clapped for all the hard work put in by our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, our policemen and many others who provide us with essential items we need risking their own lives. I wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water and make use of a mask when needed. I enjoy playing indoor games with my mum and dad like carrom, ludo, UNO. I help my parents in cooking tasty dishes. Every evening I pray to God for all those infected with the virus that God may bless them with good health and keep us safe.

-Bhavik Parocha IV D

I miss school and all the sports activity. Every day we received homework and messages from our Class Teacher and I used to do it very faithfully. Teacher also sends us quiz in math and English and we are very happy to solve the same. She has sent us a lot of reading material. We are now busy with the art work given to us by teacher and will be happy to see it on our school web page. Thank you teacher for all the trouble you take.

-Bryce Kinny IV D

During the lockdown period the thing that troubled me the most was how to stay at home all day without being allowed to go down to play. Then I decided to do a number of Science Projects which kept me busy. I was happy as I got time to spend with my mum at home. We also pray daily to God that he may heal the entire world and save us from this deadly pandemic.

-Enrico Pinto IV D

Covid -19 an eye-opener for the world!

Covid -19 has definitely taught me a lot of lessons which many of us have taken for granted over the years…I have learnt it is important to respect Mother Earth, to use only whatever we need and never waste food, water or even basic necessities. It is important to take care of our health which we often take for granted. In times like these I have also realized the true meaning of quality time with my family and that we don’t have to always depend on screen time. I have become more compassionate towards the poor, lonely, sick & old people. Above all it has taught us the most important lesson that, without God, we are nothing…Every night without fail I remember to thank God for the gift of life, family and good health.

-Yohann Fernandes  IV D


The Lockdown Period

We are at home since 16th March. I play indoor games like carrom and chess, watch T .V. and play games on the computer. I help my mother as our domestic help is on leave. I strictly follow the rules made by the government and stay at home to prevent Corona virus spread. I urge everybody to stay at home.

-Shaurya Waghmare III B


We are at home because the Corona virus is spreading in India. I play chess with my parents. I help my mother with household work. Earlier I did my homework which came on my school app. I am waiting for this Corona virus to exit from Mother Earth.

-Shubhan Gurram III B


I am at home since 16th March due to Corona virus outbreak. I play indoor games with my family. My grandfather and I play a lot of carrom. I am enjoying spending family time indoors during the lockdown.

-Aryan Gupta III B


The whole of India is on lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the lockdown started we had to stay at home. Earlier every morning our class teacher sent us homework on our school app which we did and returned by evening. Teacher checked our homework and told us whether we had written neatly or if there were any corrections to be done. Now I spend the rest of my time watching television, playing with my toys or reading story books. I also help my mother with the housework. This lockdown is a change from daily school.

Daniel Pereira III B


I am staying at home because of the deadly Corona virus. The only way to fight this virus is by staying at home, keeping myself clean and eating good food. I request my mother to cook my favourite dishes. I play different indoor games with my family. I am praying to God to keep everyone safe from this virus. I am missing my school and my school friends. I hope that we will all meet soon.

-Arnav Bakshi III B


We are at home since 16th March. I watch Ramayana and Mahabharata at home. My father and I play indoor games like chess, carrom, snakes and ladders. In the afternoon I read story books. In between I listen to the news. I revise my multiplication tables daily more than what I have learnt in class.

-Atharva Matkar III B


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