A Memorable Annual Day- Std IV D

We had a well executed Annual Day. The theme on the back-drop was ‘Our Journey of Gratitude.’ which was apt. The program gave me an insight that it is we who make this world a better or worse place to live in. So let’s learn to be humble, gracious and make this world we live in a lovely place. I will not forget the hard work and dedication the teachers have put in to make this Annual day a grand success.

-Abhishai Sequeira

Our teacher trained us to sing the songs ‘We Didn’t start the Fire’ and ‘This is Our World.’ We were very happy to perform and we did our best. Ms Kashmira encouraged us and seen that we did the actions together. I thank our teachers and management for providing us tasty snacks on the days of rehearsal and the day we performed.

-Arnav Khot

We students are blessed to experience the joy of music in our school. I was happy as I was selected to play the main role of a grandfather and also be the main singer in the skit CHANGE. I learnt that we are responsible to save our planet. The Chief Guest Dr. Ram Chaddha enlightened the audience about the six important D’s to succeed namely Dream, Desire, Design, Discipline, Dare and lastly Do it  and whatever your dream is , God will help you to deliver it.


The annual day is the high point of our school. We wore wonderful costumes – black trousers and a T-shirt with fire flames print on it. It absolutely suited the songs that the choir sung melodiously. I am thankful to the school for providing us yummy snacks.  A big thank you to our class teacher for her patience and time to help us sing in tune.

-Vihaan Chavan

Even though we practiced daily singing the songs I was a bit nervous on stage. Thanks to my teacher who kept encouraging me daily by making me in-charge to train the boys. This helped to gain confidence. Our costumes were unique and we looked very smart. My parents enjoyed the show.

-Arnav Rawal

After our class performance I sat in the audience along with my parents and watched the musical ‘Noah’ Our teacher had narrated the story to us in class this helped me to understand the dialogues and songs and understand the musical well. Thank-you dear teacher for all that you do for us.

-Shourya Kamble

The Chief Guest for our Annual Day was Dr. Ram Chaddha who is an ex-student of our school. We the primary boys put up a skit on CHANGE which gave a wonderful message to everyone in the audience. The secondary boys were a part of the musical ‘Noah.’ My parents were very happy to see me perform on stage and they clicked many photographs too. I enjoyed performing and happy that I learnt two English songs this year.

-Jay Topiwala

I was happy to be a part of the choir as I enjoy singing and listening to music. The school provided snacks to all the participants. Thank- you members of the management and teachers who go that extra mile to bring a smile on our faces.

-Kunal Naidu

Our class was selected for singing and so we were on stage as part of the choir. My mum put up a stall at the canteen with another parent from my class on the day of the rehearsal and we sold yummy pizzas which all the students enjoyed eating. I enjoyed performing on stage and thanks to our school for giving us this opportunity.

-Bhavik Parocha

I had a wonderful experience this year at the Annual Day. It was a great opportunity to sing along with my classmates on the big stage. It was also a great learning experience for me to compere on this great platform. I loved the musical ‘Noah’ and all the songs that were sung. Especially ‘Animal Alphabet’, ‘The Grumpy Song’ and ‘ Have a little Faith.’ The message of the skit was very clear. We need to have faith in God and listen to his voice. I am grateful to all my teachers for training us so well, especially our Head Teacher, my Class teacher and Sir Saby. I will cherish these memories forever.

-Liam Sequeira

On February 8, 2020 we had our Grand Annual Day in the school quadrangle. Our Chief Guest was our very own alumnus Dr. Ram Chaddha. Our retired teachers were felicitated. The primary section performed a skit CHANGE. We the choir boys were well trained by our Class Teacher to sing in tune and with full gusto. In the musical ‘Noah’ there were twelve songs and the secondary section took us through this wonderful journey. It was a fabulous act and I enjoyed watching it. I understood the story as teacher had narrated the same in class.

-Shafin Lobo

It was a great effort on the part of the management and teachers to put up this grand show. I enjoyed every bit of the programme. I also enjoyed singing and learnt two songs which has a lot to learn and care for Mother Earth.

-Samarth Khanvilkar

I enjoyed performing at the Annual Day function. We were dressed smartly and Yohann’s mum and our Class Teacher put on light make-up which was required. I enjoyed the yummy snacks provided to us by the school. Thank-you teachers for all that you do for us.

-Meet Pawar

I love my school because along with academics they give us a chance to participate and bring out our talents. My teacher has encouraged me a lot this year and now I feel confident to perform in front of an audience. I was also happy to see my brother perform on stage who is in the pre- primary section. He danced very well. My parents were very happy to see both of us performing so well on stage.

-Aarush Pawar




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