A Memorable Visit to the GPO

The field trip to GPO was a knowledgeable experience for me. I got to know about the importance of a post office. We were taken to different departments like delivery, parcel and sorting section. I was surprised to see the number of staff working there. It was a nice experience at the G.P.O. particularly everything was arranged so systematically

– Nathan Fernandes 4 B

Visiting a post office was something out of the ordinary for each one of us. Our guide took us to different departments and the various counters catering to the public. I was amazed to hear about the history of the construction of the GPO by the British which remains the same even today. It was altogether a great learning experience for me especially in these times of emails and fax.

-MaheeKatija 4 B

My visit to the G.P.O was the most awaited field trip with my friends. We enjoyed the bus journey with our Class Teacher. I was so happy to visit the post office. We were asked to move in a queue to experience the fun. Our guide explained us the working of each and every section of the post office. I was shocked when he told us that 50,000 letters come there everyday in a postal van. It was a pleasure to know and explore many things about the G.P.O. It was a memorable field trip.

-AyushRane 4 B

The field trip to the G.P.O was really an enriching experience and a good learning about the post office in today’s time of e-mails. I was so excited to enter the biggest post office in the country. It was very spacious inside and each department had different responsibilities to fulfill. I was glad to meet all the staff working in the post office. I liked the pictorial stamps displayed. We received a chocolate and hand out as we exited the G. P.O.

-Valentino Godbole 4 B

I enjoyed the field trip to the G.P.O. as I learnt a lot. It is a hub for sorting, segregation and dispatch of letters. We enjoyed the bus journey with my friends. I realized that there are a lot of hard-working people working in the post office. We also met our friendly postmen who clicked photographs with us.

-AbhishaiSequeira 4 D

This was my very first visit to the G.P.O. I was amazed to see the size of this building built during the British time. I learnt about the two types of mail. One which can be just dropped at the given address but the registered post, parcels when delivered a signature is taken as a proof that the person has received the same. I enjoyed viewing the stamps at the Philately Bureau and our teacher explained us how we can develop the hobby of collecting stamps. I have decided to collect different stamps and make a file of the same.

-MiranshSutrave 4 D

I was happy to visit a public department that provides customer service and handles the mails of the entire country so systematically. The G.P.O. provides many other services including banking services. I was surprised that a simple postman holds so much of responsibility with a smile on his face.

-Arnav Khot 4 D

The G.P.O. is a very informative place. The guide mentioned that seventy-five postmen work in two sections tirelessly to help us receive our mails on time. Mr.VishwanathKawale explained us about the stamps sold at the Philately Bureau. I really enjoyed this visit and I will tell my mummy that we must visit this place again.

-Aditya Mazgaonkar 4 D

Our field trip to the G.P.O. was an extremely informative experience and visiting this heritage building made me feel very happy. We learnt about the different types of mail, speed post, registered post etc. The most interesting department was the Philately Bureau which really inspired me. I purchased some stamps to start off with my collection.

-YohaanFernandes 4D

The G.P.O. is the biggest post office in India. I was amazed to see the working of the various sections at the G.P.O. The department is earnest in conserving this heritage building in its original form. The staff welcomed us and were happy to have us. They gave each one of us a chocolate when we were leaving. I now understand how hard our postmen work for us.

-Liam Sequeira 4 D


We the students of Standard Four were taken for a field trip to the General Post Office (GPO) at Fort. We met in the school at 8:30 a.m. We went by four buses. We left the school at 9:30 a.m. after the Teacher took our attendance. On the way in the bus we sang songs and made a lot of noise. The post office is the biggest in the world. 150 men work in the post office. Out of these, 75 men work in the morning shift and 75 men work in the evening shift. The guide showed us all the stationary like postcards, envelopes etc. He also showed us how they sort the letters and envelopes. We were shown different stamps of different values. There were different post boxes for different cities like Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. Letters are put in these boxes according to the cities. They also gave us chocolate. We came back to school at 12:15 p.m. We enjoyed the trip very much.

-Veer Sangoi – 4C


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