A Rainbow at our Annual day

-Jayden Machado 8D

Don Bosco High School celebrated its Annual Thanksgiving Day on February 7th and 8th 2020. All staff and students participated in this event. The topic for this year reflected in the theme of the Annual Day- “Journey through Life in joy and happiness”. All students from the different standards came together under the leadership of our dear Principal Fr. Bernard and our Sir Avit Dias.

The Chief Guest for this year was Dr. Ram Chaddha, a leading spine surgeon. Fr. Crispino, our Rector introduced and welcomed Dr. Chaddha for gracing this occasion. Dr. Chaddha then gave an inspiring speech which touched every Boscoite’s heart. Next the School Annual Report was presented to us highlighting the various achievements of individual students and the School through the year. The Kg and Primary section set the stage alight with their performance “Change” and subtly giving us a social message thru song and dance.

This was followed by the most awaited event of the evening- the musical “NOAH”-

The main message of the musical was- you got to have Trust in the Almighty power. The backdrop was an enormous ark. The main characters were Noah and his family who followed God’s plan against all opposition from his brother Melech and Lahab, a leading ruler of his time. But Noah stood his ground even against opposition once the rains started and he was mocked by the local crowds. The great flood destroyed everything except those of the Ark. The lighting and the stage props showing the floods were breathtaking. The anguish of Noah’s family was also shown when they were on the Ark for 41days till the flood subsided. Noah was rewarded for his trust and God granted him a covenant that He will never again destroy the world with a flood. The finale song ‘THERE’S A RAINBOW IN THE SKY’ had all the participants gather on the stage giving thanks. A special mention to the Choir who helped lift the performance of the entire musical.

Our Principal, Fr. Bernard then did the honours of thanking the various individual and departments for their efforts in putting together a memorable event.


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