Activities are fun- learning – Std 4 D

THE ACE PRESENTATION (Academy for Creative Expression)

The entire experience at ACE during the year was not only educational but also inspiring and entertaining. At ACE we learn the correct way to pronounce certain words that we can use everyday. I was thrilled to be selected to begin the show on behalf of my class, as we proudly walked on stage to recite the poem, ‘WHY’ by Raymond Wilson. I really enjoyed each class and I am looking forward to learning more.



At ACE, we learned and performed a poem ‘WHY’ by Raymond Wilson.

I was the poem announcer. I also enjoyed reciting the beautiful poem, with my friends. Through this poem we learnt to bite our ‘V’s and kiss our ‘W’s.
At the end, Eshant, Yohann and I, described how we enjoyed this experience.
-Liam Sequeira


The most interesting activity that I personally liked was the making of the Kaleidoscope. I love to see the constant change in patterns when the object is rotated. A Kaleidoscope symbolises your escape in time of difficulty and self-doubt. Science can be really fun especially when we are gifted with great Teachers.

-Yohann Fernandes


Our topic for Beyond Academics was Fun with Science.
We learnt all about light. I learnt that light travels in a straight line. I saw this, when a foil with a tiny hole, covered a torch light. I saw how light travelled in a straight line.
We also made a Kaleidoscope.
-Liam Sequeira


I enjoyed the session conducted by the Beyond Academics Team. I learned that light travels the fastest. It takes only 8:20 seconds for sunlight to travel from the sun to the earth. Light travels through air and water in a straight line. We learnt to make a kaleidoscope. Our Class Teacher helped us to decorate it. This activity helped me to understand how different patterns are formed when light passes through it. I enjoyed the session very much.

-Shafin Lobo


The follow-up session which our teacher conducted in class was fun learning. I made a water can – a shower at your finger tip and brought it to class. Teacher explained how we need to go about with the activity and she demonstrated the same in class using the potted plant. We learned that we could use materials available at hand and have fun learning science. Thank-you teacher.

-Bryce Kinny


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