All About Mumbai (Beyond Academics)

We the students of Std. III had our Beyond Academics session on 13th January, `20. The topic of our session was `All About Mumbai`. We learnt about the beautiful places of Mumbai. We did many activities like Word search, collage work, sticking photos of important monuments in Mumbai. We learnt about the festivals celebrated in Mumbai. With all these activity sheets we created a calendar. I loved my Beyond Academics session.

  • Daniel Pereira

I enjoyed my Beyond Academics session as I learnt a lot about Mumbai through interesting and fun activities like collage work, sticking pictures of monuments seen in Mumbai and making a calendar with our activity sheets.

  • Manthan Khetle

We learnt a lot about Mumbai in our Beyond Academics session. I enjoyed making the Ganpati with marble paper to show that Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Mumbai in a big way. The homework sheet had a colouring activity of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I enjoyed all the activities.

  • KrishvKyatam

It was a day of fun for all of us when the Beyond Academics team taught us all about Mumbai. There were many activity sheets for us to do giving us information about our city Mumbai. I am lucky to be in a school like mine which gives us all a chance to learn in a fun way.

  • David D`Souza

We learnt about Mumbai, its climate, monuments, means of transport available and much more. I stuck colourful marble paper in an umbrella outline to show that Mumbai receives heavy rainfall in the rainy season. I loved this session.

  • Peter Arockiaselvam

On 13th January we had a Beyond academics session. We learnt all about our city Mumbai. There were many fun activities . We stuck pictures about important monuments in Mumbai. We also made a calendar. I loved all the activities in this session.

  • Aric Arulselvam



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