Amazing Sports Day Experience!

The day started with the Band’s Grand salute & welcome March. I had the wonderful privilege of compering the opening ceremony, for the sports day. Thanks to the hard work, planning and guidance of my teachers. I was confident enough to perform on the mike. The most enjoyable part of the day was the team game ‘human tunnel’. It was fun participating as a team with my classmates. Winning this event, made it a memorable experience for us all. We were very happy because we made our class teacher, Ms Kashmira proud.

-Liam Sequeira  4 D

I enjoyed the Sports Festival. I was very happy as I was selected as the torch bearer. I ran with full vigour and strength. My class teacher always encourages us students to do our best. I was happy to see my teachers and my dad participating in the race. It was indeed an enjoyable day for all of us.

-Shafin Lobo 4D

I was very excited as I was selected to perform in the drill display. My class teacher Ms. Kashmira along with Ms. Jessiya took a lot of trouble to train us for the same. We used to come daily at 8 a.m. for practice. My class teacher was very particular about the attendance during the practice time. My parents were very happy to see me perform. I won in the group game- Pin Wheel Relay The prop that we used was a hockey stick. The costume that we were dressed in made us look very smart. A big thank-you to both the teachers!

-HarshalKachare 4 D

Sports Day was held on 7th December this year. It is a day which I enjoy the most. My teacher practiced the group games with us before the Sports Festival. She explained us the rules to play the games. Our class won two group events-Pin wheel Relay and Human Tunnel Relay. We clicked photographs with our Class teacher and Head Teacher.

-AlwinNadar 4 D

We were very excited on the day of our Sports festival. Our Rector, Principal, Mums and Dads and Head Teacher were there. The crowd cheered us in the individual races. We played team games. At the Closing ceremony we received our prizes as winners. It was an enjoyable day.

-David D`Souza 3B

Sports festival was organized on 7th December by my school. Some of my classmates performed the drill display for the Opening Ceremony. I was in the Ringing the Cone Relay. My team won this game. In my class two other teams lost in their games. Our Rector gave an inspiring speech.

-Aryan Gupta 3B

The performance of all the classes on the Sports festival day was good. Our Management came to witness this day. We played many games. I enjoyed myself.

-Reuben Kalpund 3B

Our Sports Festival was on 7th December. We played individual and team games. I was in the Crazy waiter relay but I did not win. The game was a lot of fun.

-Shahzaib Khan 3B

In our Sports festival we played many unique games such as Crazy waiter relay, Balancing the Ball on a bottle without a cap and Sack race. My friends and I were very happy on sports day.

-Mudassir Ali Lunje 3B

I loved my Sports Festival. My parents took part in the races. There were colourful drill displays too. There were many races and certificates and medals were given to the prize winners.

-Aric Arulselvam 3B

Our School Flag was hoisted on Sports Festival Day. We played many games. The winners of the team games were called to the stage and they got certificates. At the end of the day our Rector gave away medals and certificates to the winners of the individual races.

-GirirajKothekar 3B

We had drill display practice for many days before the Sports festival. We wore a green coloured costume for it. I won a prize for Ringing the Cone Relay. All the teachers had worn a yellow T-shirt of the same style. It was an enjoyable day for us.

-Peter Arockiyaselvam3B

Our school Sports Festival was really a fun fest for me. I had a great time watching the colourful sports drill display performed by my classmates. I was very happy to cheer my friends for their final events. I loved and enjoyed the water relay game which I played with my team.

-Nathan Fernandes 4B

I was very happy to enter the turf for the Sports Festival. I was excited to watch the March Past by our amazing school band. I was inspired by Fr. Rector’s speech which motivated all of us. I enjoyed each and every moment of the day. I feel so proud to be a student of such prestigious school where I am encouraged to focus on the sports activities.

– Arish Bhathena 4B




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