“Friends are the sunshine of life.”
In today’s class, I liked the video that teacher showed us on friendship. I learnt that friendship is important in our life. We should not only play or celebrate but also help our friends when they are in trouble as a friend in need is a friend indeed!
Aarush Mankar III D

Today teacher told us all about friends. I learned that friends are really important in our life. When we have friends, they help us when we are in need. When we are sad they make us happy. And I love my friends.
Sujeet Pawde III D

Today we had “Let’s Be Friends Day”, it was fun. Teacher showed us the video of two friends. We solved the quiz based on friendship. I miss my friends very much. Eagerly waiting to meet my friends. I enjoyed today’s class.
Sky Mohite III D

We celebrated “Let’s be Friends Day” in class today. We did a lot of activities and had a lot of fun. We learnt about friendship and how it is important for us in our lives. We were shown a nice video about two friends and through that we learnt the importance of helping our friends. We also did worksheets where we wrote down the good qualities of our friends and also solved a nice crossword puzzle. It was a fun day at class today.
Kiaan Shetye III D

In today’s class we came to know what friendship is. Friendship is full of magic when you are happy, you can share everything with your friends. When you are sad or feeling down your friends will comfort you. Friends are the people whom we trust the most. The true test of friendship is during times of difficulties.
Harshal Khawale III D

Today we celebrated online friendship day and our teacher showed a nice video in class and the story was based on friendship. From the story we learnt that when a friend is in need we have to help him.
Saransh Dhere III D

Happy Friendship Day!!!
Today we celebrated Let’s be Friends day in school.
I wish I was in school because last year in school I tied friendship bands to my friends and to my class teacher also. We had great fun.
I miss my school, friends and teachers. Today, also we celebrated Let’s be friends day, but at home, online school. Teacher showed us a very nice story of two friends 👬and a bear 🐻. I learned that we should always help our friends and never leave them alone when they are in trouble. The story was very nice. Thank you teacher for showing us this lovely story on friendship. I hope that school reopens soon so I can meet my friends and teachers and have fun 😃😃. Thank you teacher. Happy Friendship Day 🎊🎉🎀🎀🎊😃
Aakash Chaskar III D

“Best friends are like stars, they fill your life with never ending love”. Today 15th February 2021, we celebrated Friendship Day during our online school. “True friends are never apart, may be in distance but never in Heart”. We should always trust our friend. Akash, Ivan, Ronaldo and Stefan are my best friends. We feel like a family. I love my friends very much. Wishing everyone a Happy Friendship Day.
Ayaan Shah III D

Today we celebrated ‘Let’s Be Friends Day’. Teacher showed the story of two friends. I liked the story very much. Then teacher explained Who is a friend? and What is friendship? Friendship means to forgive. Friendship means not forgetting. A true friend always shows up when least expected during the time of need and also means that a true friend knows our problems without sharing and helps without being asked. Teacher explained more through PPT. I understood that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Vihaan Tawde III D

We celebrated “Let’s Be Friends Day” today. We saw a video of two friends Sethu and Madhavan. A friend is a person who helps us in our time of need. We can share all our secrets with our friends. We play with them and sometimes even fight with them and again become friends. It is rightly said, “A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed.” I miss talking and playing with my friends due to the lockdown.
Malhar Gargote III D

We celebrated Let’s be Friends Day today. Today’s class was great fun. It was all about the importance of having friends around. I learnt that friends are like our family. We feel secured being around them. Teacher showed us a nice video of two friends. I liked the video. After the video Teacher asked us questions about the story. I learnt from the story that a real friend is the one who helps us in difficult times. So next time when I choose my friend I know the good qualities they should have.
Zeeshan Sayed III D

Today we learnt to be friends and to be kind to our friends. We have to be with our friends when they are happy and also when they are in need of our help. We must not take advantage of our friends in wrong way. We must be honest with our friends.
Nathan Fernandes III D

We were excited to celebrate Let’s be friends day virtually. Our teacher showed us the story of ‘Two Friends’. I understood the importance and duty of a true friend. We also answered the questions based on the story. I miss my friends very much.
Sarfare Ansh III A

As quoted ‘A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be’. Even though I missed going to school on Friendship day, today we celebrated this day online during our class. Teacher showed us videos and PPT. I missed my friends and the fun we had in school.
Clyde Mendonca III A

“Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.”
We had an online Friendship Day today. We learnt that those who have good friends are very lucky. Friends make our life worth living. Teacher showed us a video about true friendship. Teacher showed us a presentation on who is a true friend and what is friendship. She told us that friendship is a two-way relationship. It is the most beautiful gift that one can give someone. True friends support you. So make good friends because this is one relationship that a person chooses himself.
Nuren Shah III B

On 15th February, Don Bosco Primary School celebrated “Let’s be friend’s day”. Our class teacher conducted some activities for us. The event started with the presentation prepared by Sonia teacher where we read some beautiful quotes on friends. After the presentation our class teacher showed us a video on the story “Two Friends” which taught us that friends are an important part of our life and we should always be honest and kind to them. We also answered a Google form based on the story. Based on the theme there was an H5P activity which we all enjoyed.
Thanks to our Head teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa, Sonia teacher and all the wonderful staff of Don Bosco Primary School.

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings!
Rithvik Shenoy III C
Today we celebrated “Let’s be Friends Day”. Through this celebration we got to know the value of true friends and how we have to be honest and selfless to our friends. Our teacher showed a video on a story named “Two friends” which made us understand that we always have to be careful in choosing our friends as friends are the family we choose for ourselves.
Rufus Nadar III C


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