“The greatest gift of life is friendship.”
Another activity which we all look forward to is ‘Friendship Day’ This year due to covid-19 lockdown I missed my friends the most. My school friends, my classmates, my friends at my skating and football classes every one of them. It was a habit to meet them every day, study with them, play during recess time and have so much fun. This year not being able to meet my friends has been very tough. Fortunately, I have some friends in my building whom I get to meet seldom but we try to meet for cycling every morning, one activity where we can maintain social distancing. Apart from all these friends, I have two more friends who are always there to fill in when my friends are busy or out or now during lockdown, my Mum and Dad. Singing, listening to music, dancing and reading is a part of our daily routine and we enjoy ourselves. During his weekly holiday, my Dad joins me and my friends and we play carrom, badminton, cricket, board games but now it’s just me and my parents. I miss my friends a lot but I thank God that he has given me two such friends with whom I never ever have to maintain a social distancing. I can play with them, sing/dance with them, go out with them, just enjoy without any worries.
Rushaan Marolikar IV D

I enjoyed the online activities for Friendship day. Our teacher Ms. Kashmira showed us a video- Count on Me and it brought back fond memories as this song teacher had taught us for our cultural Day in Std. II. We viewed a power point presentation and teacher explained why we need friends. I was very happy to solve the activity worksheet. Thank you so much teacher.
Jaccob Singh IV D

This year we celebrated Friendship Day online. We missed tying friendship bands for our friends. We sang the song Count on Me along with our teacher. She explained the importance of having reliable and true friends.
Aryan Parab IV D

Friends are important in our life. My best friend is my father. My dad helps me. He truly loves me, and most importantly he believes in me. In school I have many friends and I really miss them a lot.
Vihaan Charaniya IV D

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