“Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body.”
Today, 13th February 2021, we celebrated Nutritional Day in school. Our teacher presented a Power point presentation on Nutritional Day. We made cracker biscuit pizza. I loved it very much. She taught us to always eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food. Healthy food keeps our brain fit and increases our memory. Wishing everyone a Happy Nutritional Day.
Ayaan Shah III D

Today, we observed nutritional day. Our teacher showed us how to make biscuit pizza. We made this pizza with cracker biscuits, cheese, onion, tomato, olive and coriander. It was very tasty and yummy. I loved this pizza very much.
Krihan Gundeti III D

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy
Today, we celebrated Nutritional Day. Teacher asked us questions about healthy food and non-healthy food. She showed us a very nice presentation on healthy food.
Teacher taught us to make vegetable cheese biscuit pizza. We used onions, tomatoes, olives and cheese to make it. It was very yummy 😋 😀🍕🍕🍕. I enjoyed making this pizza. 🍕 🍕
I learned that we should always eat healthy food. Healthy food always keeps us fit.
Thank you teacher for teaching us the importance of nutrition and healthy food and for teaching us to make yummy pizza.
Aakash Chaskar III D

Today, we celebrated ‘Nutritional Day’. Teacher explained why we are observing Nutritional Day? Why should we eat healthy food? It is important to eat heathy food as you remain fit and active. Then, we watched the songs and a video. I understood if we eat junk food our body will be damaged. Teacher explained in detail about nutrition through PPT. At the end, I learnt that health is wealth.
Vihaan Tawde III D

Today, our class teacher explained to us the importance of nutrition. The food that we eat contains nutrients. Healthy food keeps us fit, healthy and happy. Eating of junk food can cause obesity, depression and many other diseases.
Harshal Khawale III D

Few days back teacher told us that we are going to have Nutritional Day. I was excited from that day to know what will happen on this day? But later I realised as a Bosco boy it must be something nutritious and health related. And so, in today’s activity too teacher showed us videos and PowerPoint presentation related to it. I really enjoyed making biscuit pizza and also my sister liked it and she enjoyed this wonderful recipe made by me.
Sky Mohite III D

Today, we celebrated Nutritional Day. Teacher showed us various videos on the importance of eating healthy food. She also told us the disadvantages of eating junk food. Eating healthy food makes our bones and teeth strong, eating junk food makes our eyesight weak. We watched the story of Himanshu and Himani telling us the importance of eating healthy food and not eating junk food. We should also have a balanced diet to keep ourselves healthy. This session has taught me to eat healthy and avoid junk food like pizza and burger.
Malhar Gargote III D

Today, we learned to eat healthy and not to eat junk food. We must include fresh vegetables like tomato, onion in our diet which gives us lot of vitamins and minerals. Eating junk food will lead to illness.
Nathan M. Fernandes III D

Nutritional Day was celebrated on 13th Feb 2021 in our class. I was very enthusiastic. My teacher showed us videos and we made biscuit pizza, which was yummy. Today l learnt that we should have nutritious diet, to keep our body strong. A fit and healthy body helps us to play any sports. I would like to add a quotation by Dr. Josh Axe, “Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain.”
Elazaro D’Costa III D

Today was nutritional day. Teacher showed us a PPT about nutritional day. We learnt not to eat junk food. We understood what junk food does to our body. It makes our body weak and affects our eyesight. We learnt to make a biscuit pizza. I loved that activity the most. The biscuit pizza was yummy and healthy to eat. I will encourage my family members also to eat a healthy diet every day. The nutritional day was fun and exciting. 👍
Zeeshan Sayed III D

Nutritional Day today at school – we learned the value of eating nutritious food. We all love pizza, burgers, cakes, ice cream, etc. These are really yummy but they don’t serve us the enough nutrition required for our growth. Eating too much of junk food will affect our eyes sight, bones and also affect our growth. We may also develop many diseases and fall sick very often. Hence, we should have a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables should be included in our daily meals, they help us to grow healthy, good for skin and eyes, milk makes our bones and teeth strong. Eating healthy and a balanced diet will keep us fit and healthy. “Eat healthy, Stay healthy”
Nathan P. Fernandes III D

Hi friends! Today we celebrated nutritional day. In our online session we watched videos on eating healthy food. We learnt that if we don’t eat nutritious food our eye sight will become weak. We will fall sick and develop many diseases. Therefore, we must ‘Eat Right to Stay Healthy.’ For the activity our teacher taught us to make a tasty and healthy biscuit pizza. My favourite part was making the pizza and eating it too. It was so yummy, that after class I prepared some more for myself and my parents. I enjoyed today’s session. What about you?
Lathaniel Gomes III D

Today, I learnt about eating healthy food which will help in good eyesight and good health and avoid eating junk food. My class teacher taught us to make healthy pizza. I enjoyed making it and eating it too. Eat healthy and stay healthy.
Zach D’mello III D

On 13th February 2021, Don Bosco Primary School had organized Nutritional Day to deliver the healthy food habits. Our class teacher explained to us the importance of nutrition in our lives. She explained that nutrition is not merely eating but getting essential nutrients like salts, vitamins, etc. I understood that people should include a healthy diet in their daily routine which not only helps in growth but also makes the immune system strong. Our teacher explained to us about food which is necessity of life, constituents of food, 10 tips for better health and lifestyle. We also understood the difference between healthy and unhealthy food and what food items we need to choose for a healthy life. At the end of the session our teacher instructed us to make Crackers Biscuit Pizza and we all clicked pictures with our self-made biscuit pizza.
Special thanks to our Head teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and all the wonderful staff of Don Bosco Primary School. It was overall a great initiative taken up by the School focusing on nutrition, good food, healthy body, mind and lifestyle.
Rithvik Shenoy III C
Today we had Nutritional Day in Std.III. We learnt about the benefits of eating healthy food and keeping a good diet. We also learnt that eating junk food is bad for health and can lead to serious problems in the long run. Our activity in class today was to make pizza using cream cracker biscuits as a base and adding healthy toppings like tomato, onion, cheese, olives, etc. We had a lot of fun making our own pizza and I especially liked eating it after class.
Ethan Fonseca III C
Today we celebrated Nutritional Day. Our class teacher explained to us about the healthy and unhealthy foods. As many of us like junk foods like burger, pizza, noodles etc. Our teacher made us understand the ill-effects of having these junk foods. She taught us about the constituents of food like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and how these can be derived from eating healthy food. The interesting part was we have made yummy biscuit pizzas by ourselves. It was tasty and healthy too. Overall it was an interesting and informative session.
Rufus Nadar III C
On 13th February 2021, we celebrated Nutritional Day. We all enjoyed this day very much as we got more knowledge about food. Our class teacher explained us about healthy food. We understood the difference between junk and healthy food and also why healthy food is important. Information on Vitamins, nutrients, fats, proteins was also explained to us. Then we made a nutritious dish with biscuits, vegetables and cheese. It was tasty as well as healthy, it looked delicious and colourful. It was an interactive session with teacher.
Mitansh Mehta III C

Today we observed Nutritional Day in our online class. I learnt the importance of healthy eating habits. Our food forms the most important part of our growth. If we eat junk food regularly it will lead to negative effect on our body. It will lead to obesity. It causes depression, digestive issues, heart diseases. We must avoid junk food for healthy living.
Sarfare Ansh III A

On 13th February 2021, we the student of the Std. III celebrated Nutritional Day. Our teacher showed us videos and explained us to have a balanced diet. We also prepared biscuit pizza with vegetables. We loved and enjoyed the activity.
Sawant Devansh III A


“Your diet is your bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”
Bethenny Frankel

Health depends on our habits and nutrition. This was explained very well by our class teacher through a short story and PowerPoint presentation. An activity of preparing a healthy snack with all that is easily available at home was demonstrated by our teacher. We all enjoyed making, serving and eating the toppings which were mouthwatering and yummy.
Daksh Mahadik III B

Today we had an online Nutritional Day. We learnt what nutrition means. We should eat healthy to stay healthy. The importance of eating healthy food and avoiding junk food was explained. Teacher showed us a video of two children where the boy who ate junk food became unhealthy and the girl who ate healthy food remained fit. Teacher showed us a presentation how food is necessary for life. We saw the ‘Eat well Plate’ which is based on five food groups. Ten tips for better health and lifestyle were shown. At the end we watched a beautiful song. Teacher had told us to keep some ingredients ready for this day and so we made lovely Biscuit Pizza.
Nuren Shah III B

Nutritional Day is observed to educate and make people aware of the importance of healthy food. Our Nutritional Day was celebrated on 13th February, 2021. The teacher explained to us the constituents of food and which among these is important for fitness. We watched videos and a detailed presentation which made us understand even better. We made a delicious cream cracker biscuit pizza during our online class. It was a very interesting day.
Raj Kadam III B



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