Don’t throw it away; it can be used in some other way!

Today, we had to make a bell for our Christmas Week Competition using waste materials. I made my bell with a plastic cup, some ribbon, a chain and a ball. I was very happy with my bell as it looked very beautiful. I enjoyed myself a lot, doing something creative with a plastic cup. 

Ved Nagaonkar


We had a bell making competition on 18th Dec, 2020. We were asked by our Teacher to keep our material ready and make it during our online class. We made bells with different materials like plastic, paper, cardboard etc. and decorated it with decorative articles. The best part was we made use of all waste materials to create a 3D bell and then posted a picture of it on our class Whatsapp group. It was fun to see everyone so creative with their ideas. 

 Caden Cardoz


Today was a Christmas Bell making competition. We had to make a bell using waste material. I made a bell using a half plastic bottle and chocolate wrappers. It looked beautiful. All the boys enjoyed this competition. Thank you Teacher.

Aaditya Chauhan


Today was a Christmas Bell making competition. I made two Christmas bells with plastic bottles and I even took my dad’s unwanted earphone wires to make the cord. I decorated the bells and joined them using a bangle. I was very much happy to see my Christmas bells prepared out of waste materials. My daddy hung them on the wall. 

Thank you, Ms. Vailena, for letting me learn how to make use of waste materials.

 Lemuel Fernandes


For our competition, Teacher told us to make a Christmas Bell. My mummy gave me the required materials. I used a disposable paper cup and ribbons. I will use these bells on my Christmas tree.

Aaron David


I was very eager for this Best out of Waste Competition. Teacher had told us that we had to make a bell. I enjoyed taking part in this competition, and I placed my bell on our altar after completing it.

Israyalraj Shajwin


I enjoyed my bell making competition where I made a Christmas bell using a waste plastic water bottle, straw and a craft paper.

Ayush Choudhary


For the competition, I made my Christmas bell with the help of a used Coca Cola bottle. Our Class Teacher explained the importance of Craft, how it helps improve our concentration and creativity. I learnt about new colour combinations. Teacher also explained how such craft helps in bringing joy and happiness to us. It was a fun-filled competition.

Benjamine Philip


I was very happy to make my Christmas bell using waste materials, for the first time online in front of my Class Teacher. After I was done making it, my mother hung it up on the wall. Thank you, Teacher, for teaching us the importance of using waste materials.

Aayan Bux


Today I made a beautiful Christmas bell for the Best out of Waste Competition. I made use of a disposable plastic bottle to make my bell. Thank you Teacher, for this competition.

Dipanshu Kumar


I was very excited today as we had a Christmas bell making competition. We had to make the best article out of waste. So I collected material like glitter paper, string from carry-bags and fallen leaves from our society compound. I folded and stuck the glitter paper in the shape of a bell. Then I stuck two leaves at the top and my bell was complete. I was very happy as my bell looked very nice and at the same time all glitter was on my face and on my uniform.

Thank you, Teacher for arranging this exciting competition.

Aarha Chavan


Today was a Christmas bell making competition. We had to use waste materials to make our bell. So, I made my bell using a coconut shell, zippers, thin wooden sticks, thread, keys and some stars. When I showed my work to my Teacher, she appreciated it and said ‘Superb”. I want to thank my grandmother for taking the effort in arranging all the material for me.

Aayush Kondvilkar


For the Christmas bell making competition, I made my bell using lemon and mango leaves, mango blossoms, thermocol cup and craft paper. I had a lot of fun making the Christmas bell. Thank you, Teacher.

Shreeraj Patil


Today, we had a Best out of Waste competition that I enjoyed a lot. I was very happy because I made the Christmas bell all by myself

Shreejan Nadar


I was very excited to do the Christmas bell with waste material. I was happy to know that waste could also be put to good use and the output could be so beautiful. Thank you, Teacher, for guiding and showing me how to make use of all available things at home.

Mohammad Ali


“The true spirit of Christmas is Love.”

Our Ms. Vailena plays carols before class, and this helps spread the joy of Christmas even more, more so because due to Covid 19, there is hardly any group coming physically to sing carols. I enjoyed our Teacher’s songs and the Christmas play, especially today’s online Christmas Symposium. I felt as if I was in the classroom like last year.

Thank you and wishing you Merry Christmas, Teacher

Christo Nadar


I enjoyed our Christmas celebration so much today. Our Teacher showed us a video on the story of the birth of Jesus. Thank you, Teacher for the wonderful celebration.

Dipanshu Kumar


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