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A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

Today’s session was very useful and interesting. The chocolate factory video was very useful as we came to know about the cacao tree, its seeds and how
chocolate is prepared. We also came to know the different types of chocolates. We
enjoyed preparing chocolate balls on our own. It was a proud moment for
me to make chocolates balls and give them to my parents and grandparents. This session was fun with useful information for the kids. – Avaneesh Manikandan

Today 14th January 2021, our teacher took us on a Virtual Field Trip to The
Chocolate Factory. I got to learn about the cacao tree, cacao pod, the bean and we also saw how chocolate is made. We had a fun activity making chocolate laddoos with the help of our teacher. I enjoyed making the laddoos and rolling them in colourful sprinkles, nuts and sesame seeds. The laddoos tasted chocolatey, nutty and crunchy. I loved it… Thank You, Mohini teacher.- —-
-Joshua Deniz

Today we had virtual field trip, which was informative and we had a lot of fun too. We all visited a chocolate factory virtually. Our teacher showed us a nice video in which we saw cacao trees, cacao seeds and how chocolate is made from the seeds. Then we played virtual KBC based on what we had learnt. We also had a fun activity of making chocolate balls, which we prepared with the help of our teacher. We had a fun dance session too. Really, I enjoyed the day!
– Aniket A Nayak

It was an awesome field trip and felt like we were in the chocolate factory.
– Aenon Tom Shibu

I loved ❤ the experience of preparing chocolate candies very much. I again tried the recipe in the evening and was waiting for my mom with a big smile. I would like to do this kind of activity again. Thanks you Miss for the wonderful experience.
-Harshiv Hadpi

It was amazing to take a virtual walk in the chocolate factory and get to learn how cocoa powder is made and used to make different types of chocolates. I felt very happy when I made the chocolate dish for the first time on my own; I also had a wonderful time shaking my leg a little bit on the music beats. Truly, I had an
awesome online tour class – Ronan Vaz

It was an exciting day to visit the chocolate factory. When my teacher said that we are going for a field to a chocolate factory at that time itself my mouth started watering. I was very eager to know what will come next. And to my surprise it was I who prepared chocolate balls with the help of my teacher. I want to thank my teacher for teaching me.
– Aditya Khare

We got a new experience. I thought I was in the chocolate factory. So I felt very happy. We enjoyed to making the chocolate balls. Thank you Teacher
– Harsh Nawale

Std II C

The online field trip was an awesome experience. Field visit to the Chocolate Factory was a good idea. It helped us understand the chocolate making process. It also made us aware about the different stages of chocolate- making, its importance and the different ingredients that are used in making White chocolate and Dark chocolate. We learnt how white chocolate and dark chocolate are made and it was interesting. I made chocolate pop sticks today by myself for the first time which was a good experience.
Shivam Gupta

Today’s field trip was all about Chocolate Factory. I enjoyed today’s field trip. Yes it was an online field trip! I, alongwith my classmates did an activity in the class along with the teacher making chocolate balls and therefore I feel more confident about my abilities. We saw the different varieties of chocolates. I enjoyed making and tasting chocolate balls on my own. I learnt that the cocoa beans have to be roasted after they are fermented to bring out their flavor. We also learnt about dark chocolate and white chocolate and the different ingredients that are used to make the same. Our teacher then showed us different videos and we enjoyed dancing together at the end of the class. It was indeed a wonderful session.
Jerron Kinny

Today we went on a Virtual Field Trip to the Chocolate Factory. Our teacher presented to us different videos on how chocolate is made. We also saw the different ingredients used for making white chocolate and dark chocolate. We played KBC and it was interesting, and we all got a chance to answer. We learned how to make chocolate laddoos. It was very easy to prepare them. We enjoyed a lot. It was tasty. I made the laddoos and gave them to my family members.
Manan Bhosale

Today I attended a virtual field trip. Indeed, it was amazing! We visited the Chocolate Factory online by watching videos shown to us by our teacher. We learnt how chocolates are produced from cacao beans. We learnt about white chocolate and dark chocolate and also how it is made. We also played a game “KBC – Kaun Banega Chocolatepati? We alongwith our Teacher prepared chocolate balls during the class and I could do it by myself and yes, it was tasty.
Rishi Gone

We alongwith our Teacher went on a virtual field trip to the Chocolate Factory. It was very exciting and informative. The teacher explained to us the procedure of chocolate making. She also showed us a video of the same. We gained information about cacao beans and the process of turning the cocoa into chocolate. We also saw how dark chocolate and white chocolate is made. We learnt the recipe of chocolate balls/ laddoos and prepared the same during the class along with our teacher, and later shared it with my parents. It was an educative and an enjoyable session.
Jaiveer Singh Ahluwalia

Std II B
My first virtual field trip to the Chocolate factory. The teacher showed us the video of how a particular plant called cacao helps in giving us cocoa that is used in making chocolate which is loved all over the world.
During this trip I had a beautiful understanding of the stages of how chocolates are made and the country that produces the most chocolate. In the early civilization 3000 years back in ancient time, Latin America was the first to turn cacao beans into chocolate. They also used cacao beans as currency for exchange trade.
Among the European countries, Spain was the first to import chocolate by late 1500s from America (western African countries). It showed us how the cacao beans were fermented, dried, cleaned, roasted and ground. The different types like dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate are made from a combination of cocoa butter, sugar, milk and cocoa solids. They say dark chocolate has many good benefits for the healthy functioning of heart and brain.
I was very happy when teacher showed us this beautiful video and we learned with teacher how to make chocolate balls by using chocolate, dry fruits and crushed biscuits.
Thank you for this beautiful virtual trip.
Jadon Dsilva

I enjoyed today’s session a lot. I was very much excited to make the chocolate balls. I made them by myself and loved it. I came to know about different types of chocolate and how it is made. I was very happy to learn about it as I love chocolates very much.
Leo Fernando

Today, I had an experience of a virtual field trip. It was amazing. I saw a chocolate factory and the video of how chocolates are made. The teacher conducted a quiz of ‘Kaun Banega Chocolatepati’ and a comprehension on the topic ‘Chocolate’. The interesting part of today’s activity was making choco pops. For the first time I prepared something delicious on my own and even tasted it with pride. At the end, Head teacher also joined us and asked our experiences. I had a whale of time during today’s virtual field trip.
Khade Devansh

Today I had virtual field trip to a chocolate factory. I learnt a lot through this session that chocolate is the most famous food ,it was first made 3000 years ago, dark chocolate is good for health, the food that is made from cacao beans and also eaten as candy or used as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods, etc. I also came to know about different types of chocolates. The presentation of teacher on making chocolate candies was very useful and I enjoyed making those chocolate candies.
It was very useful for me to learn about how chocolates are made. I enjoyed a lot during the session. I didn’t feel as if the schools are closed as the teachers helped me take part in various activities and engage in learning different subjects.
Aaradhya Rane

Std II A
Save the Earth; it is the only planet with chocolate!
Today we had a virtual field trip to a chocolate factory. Yes, virtual sounds surprising. Our teacher made it possible with lots of fun videos on how chocolates are made. There are advantages and disadvantages of chocolate. We had a live session of question and answers round which was very fun to answer. We learnt how to make chocolate laddoos. We were so excited and kept the ingredients ready and started to make laddoos. The laddoos turned out delicious and yummy. We danced with joy during the last videos. It was a fun virtual field trip to the chocolate factory. Thank you teacher, Ms.Vailena D’Souza, for making our field trip exciting, filled with surprise and fun. Thank you,
Caden Cardoz.

Today is Makarsankranti. So teacher taught us how chocolates are made in a factory. I was surprised on seeing the process. Afterwards, we made some chocolate laddoos. Once I ate it, it was very tasty and I couldn’t stop eating it. We also did some dance and solved a quiz named Kaun Banega ChocolatePati. I enjoyed a lot today. It was the best online field trip!
Ved Pravin Nagaonkar

Today we had a virtual field trip to a chocolate factory. Our teacher showed us a very interesting video on how chocolates are made. We also learnt the benefits of eating chocolate and the negative effects of eating it too much. Last but not the least, we made chocolate laddoos out of Marie biscuits, Hershey’s syrup, sesame seeds and chopped nuts. It was my first experience of making chocolate. It was fun and I really enjoyed making the laddoos. Thank you, teacher for the wonderful surprise field trip!
Khamlianthang Khuptong

Today teacher took us on a virtual field trip to a chocolate factory. There, we were shown how to make chocolate and I was very surprised to see how they made chocolate. Teacher taught us how to make chocolate laddoos using different ingredients. I made it but could not make a fine powder out of the biscuit. Teacher also told us that today is the Makar Sankranti festival.
‘Til gul ghya, god god bola’
Lemuel Fernandes

Today’s field trip was excellent as it was a virtual field trip. Teacher showed us video of a chocolate factory and an energetic dance performance. We got to learn something new. I would say it was a very ‘sweet’ learning. Teacher also gave us an opportunity to make chocolate laddoos. Thank you, teacher.
Christo Nadar

I really enjoyed myself today as it was our online field trip. During our field trip, teacher showed us a video of a chocolate factory. I learnt that cacao is used to make chocolate. And in the last part, our teacher showed us a video of how to make chocolate laddoos. We also played a song and danced. Thank you teacher.
Dipanshu Kumar

Today we were taken on a field trip to a chocolate factory. Teacher taught us how to make chocolate and also told us about the three types of chocolate. They are- dark, milk and white chocolate. Our teacher also taught us how to make chocolate laddoos and it was very sweet and soft. I enjoyed the laddoo and today’s field trip. All of us danced at the end of the class. Thank you teacher.
Aaditya Chauhan

Today, teacher showed us a video of a chocolate factory. It was very exciting to see the process of making a variety of chocolates. I got to know the different things and tools for making a variety of chocolates. At the end I saw the moulding and beautiful wrapping. I loved watching the videos because chocolate is my favourite sweet.
Aayush Kondvilkar

Today I had a great day making laddoos and making my mom very happy. I used Hershey’s syrup, dry fruits and Marie biscuits to make the chocolate laddoos. Thank you, teacher, for giving me this opportunity. I had a blast.
Muhammad Ali Shaikh

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