To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

Today we had our Nutritional day during the online class. Our Teacher showed

us videos about the importance of eating nutritional food. Now I will eat

only healthy and not junk food. We prepared a Monaco biscuit sandwich. I

enjoyed the activity. 

Daksh Dansingh


Today’s Nutritional day activity was so much fun. I used a Monaco biscuit,

cheese, coriander and tomato ketchup to prepare the tasty snack. It was a

yummy treat. From today onwards, Monaco biscuit canapes will be my

favourite snack. 

Daksh Chavan


Today I learnt to prepare a delicious snack using biscuit, cheese and sauce. The

snack was enjoyed by my family and me. Today’s nutritional day activity made

me learn something new and healthy. 

Kaden Dias


Today’s activity of preparing Monaco biscuit sandwich as part of the NutritionDay was very exciting. I enjoyed gathering all the ingredients and preparing thesandwich. I shared it with my grandparents and parents, and all of them too,enjoyed the sandwich. I loved the activity. Teacher, thank you for teaching ushow to prepare a fun and delicious snack. 

Ansh Gujarathi


Today we celebrated Nutritional day during the online class. My teacher showed usa video of healthy foods in which she explained to us not to eat junk foods.I made a Monaco biscuit sandwich during the online class that was very yummy. I reallyenjoyed this activity. 

Arshbir Singh


I had great fun during today’s online class because Jessiya Teacher taught us to

prepare a yummy biscuit sandwich. Teacher also showed us videos of

healthy food and gave us information about healthy and nutritional food. Thank

you, Ms. Jessiya, for today’s wonderful session. 

Aaditya Panchal


Std I A

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Eating healthy and nutrient rich food fills one’s body with energy. Students of

Std. I A as they perform the cold cooking activity of Monaco toppings shared

their experiences.

First time I made some dish. I loved today’s activity of making tasty andyummy toppings on Monaco biscuits very much.

Rihansh Patil I A


Our teacher taught us a new activity on the Nutritional Day. She demonstrated

how to make simple snacks with healthy food. We took Monaco biscuits,

layered it with a cheese slice and added tomato ketchup and garnished it with coriander leaves. Teacher also explained to us the benefits of eating healthy food likevegetables and fruits. I shared the snacks I made with my parents and weenjoyedit a lot.

Gurjot Singh Obhan I A


Today I enjoyed doing the activity of making biscuit toppings. I have

done this activity for the first time. Earlier, I have seen my sisterpreparing this dish. I am so happy that I prepared a lovely dish this morning.

Anish Singh I A


Today, I learnt how to make a delicious snack from my teacher. I enjoyed and loved preparing it for everyone in my family. My parents were very happy to see medoing this all by myself. I thank my teacher for making me more independent in everysphere of life.

Piyush Purohit I A


I made Monaco Toppings today for Nutritional day using Monaco biscuits, a slice

of cheese and coriander leaves to garnish it well. I shared it with my sister. It

was indeed a tasty dish.

Anish Kalyadappu I A




Today we had Nutritional Day during our online class. I love cooking. I always enjoyhelping my mom in the kitchen. Today I made a sandwich independently undermy teacher, Ms. Mary’s supervision. I realized how difficult it is to clean

up the mess after cooking. I learnt about the nutrients in the food and also realized

how healthy and important food is for us. I loved the activity of sandwich making.

-Malhar Vaity


Today I was very excited for the class as we had Nutrition Day. Our class teacher

showed us a video in which I learnt how much food and water is important for our

body. We must eat healthy food and drink water for our proper digestion. I learnt

what is protein, vitamin and minerals. I, then along with my class teacher, did the activity and made a delicious sandwich. Today’s class was very interesting.

-Rishi Gone


Today was Nutritional Day. I made a sandwich that our teacher taught us. I was

worried as to how will I do it on my own, but it was easy to make. Our teacher

showed us a PPT in which the term protein, minerals and carbohydrates was

explained. I learnt how important water is for the proper digestion of our body. I

really enjoyed today’s session and also loved making the Pinwheel Sandwich.

-Vihaan Dedhia


Today was Nutritional Day. I learned how to make a Pinwheel sandwich. I

also learned about vitamins, minerals and proteins. I was all set with the different

ingredients our class teacher told us to get ready with. I was very eager to make the

sandwich on my own. Our Teacher presented to us a video and a PPT, through

which I learnt how important it is to eat healthy food, and how important it is to

consume water. Today was an enriching day.

  • Manan Bhosale


I was very excited for today’s class as we were going to make a pinwheel

sandwich. I learnt how to make anutritious sandwich, by adding

vegetables which contain protein and minerals. Our Teacher explained to us how

important it is to eat healthy food and avoid junk food. I also realized how

important it is to drink water for proper digestion. I really enjoyed today’s class.

-Tej Singh


Today was Nutritional Day. I learnt how to make a pinwheel sandwich with differentvegetables and my favourite cheese. Our teacher taught us what are vitaminsand minerals. I will now help my mother in the kitchen. It was indeed a good day. Ienjoyed a lot. I got to learn different things in today’s class. I learned howimportant it is to eat good and healthy food and drink sufficient water.

  • Cristiano Mendes


Today’s Nutritional day was very exciting. I learned about different types of food.

Teacher explained to us about the importance of carbohydrates, protein, mineral,

vitamins and fats. I enjoyed making the pinwheel sandwich along with my class

teacher. I would love to have many more sessions like these where I can make somemore delicious food dishes. I had a very good experience today.

-Jaiveer Singh


Today we had online Nutritional Day. We made a sandwich and enjoyed a lot.

I learnt about the different healthy food and how we get proteins, fats,

carbohydrates, nutrients and vitamins from the different food that we eat. Our

teacher showed us a video and a PPT through which I learnt about the different

types of food and how important it is to drink water for  proper digestion.

-Aaron Benjamin


Today, we celebrated Nutritional Day. Healthy food keeps us healthy. We stop

growing if we don’t eat healthy food. I enjoyed today’s class and I loved making

the pinwheel sandwich along with my class teacher. I loved making the sandwich

which included healthy ingredients. I enjoyed today’s session.

-Jobin Pulickkan

Std II B


Today I learnt to make a salad sandwich roll! We had nutritional day in our school

and we were taught about different nutrients in food and healthy food and junk food.But the best part was that we learnt how to make a salad sandwich roll. It was

super fun! Now I can actually make sandwich rolls for my family at snack time! I

take this opportunity to thank my school for teaching me the importance of eating

healthy food.

– Aditya Malode


Std II D 


Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used withany treatment. Remember, food is our best medicine.Nutritional day celebration:I enjoyed a lot,especially making a cheesy sandwich.I learnt about the importance of eating healthy food. 

  • Joshua Britto II D


Nutrition – Science of Food

Today we hadNutritional Day online. Our teacher explained to us about nutrition

through a video and PPT. I understood that too much fats are not good for me

and I need to avoid junk food. I learnt that I should drink water to keep my

body clean and eat proteins, fruits and vegetables. I had fun making the pinwheel sandwich and shared it later with my family. It was super tasty.

  • Joshua Deniz II D


Nutrition is not just about eating, it’s about learning to live

The pinwheel sandwich experiencestarted with the nutrition video to make children understand the differencebetween junk and healthy foods. The video was very useful as we got to know thedifferent types of minerals and vitamins we get from different kinds of foods.The PPT presentation made us understand the meaning of nutrition and its benefits ina very simple and easy way. It also showed very good points that should befollowed daily, for e.g. drink a lot of water, wash your hands before and after eating food,etc. A very good point of not wasting food was told to us by our class teacher. A video showed us all the steps on how to make a pinwheel sandwich and it was very exciting. All thefood items looked so colourful and beautiful when placed on the tray. We were soexcited while preparing the sandwich. Our parents, too, enjoyed themselves while helping us.Again, a wonderful day was arranged by our teacher to teach children abouthealthy food in a new and fun filled manner. 

  • Avaneesh Manikandan II D


Std II A

Good nutrition keeps the doctor away


Today, Teacher told us how nutrients are important for us. When my mother placed all the ingredients for making the sandwich in front of me, I was wondering how I would manage making it. But when Teacher showed us the video, I realized that it was not that difficult. Thank you, Teacher for showing us to prepare a pinwheel sandwich.

  • Lemuel Fernandes


Nutritional Day was held today in our II A class. We were shown how important it is to have the right food for our growth, brain and body. There were many videos shown. Teacher explained the difference between junk and nutritious food. Teacher had also informed us beforehand to keep all the ingredients ready for making a pinwheel sandwich. All of us, including our teacher, Ms. Vailena, made a yummy, colourful and healthy pinwheel sandwich. It was good fun, learning non-fire cooking. We enjoyed making the sandwich & presenting it.

  • Caden Cardoz


Today, I am really thankful to my Teacher for teaching me the skill of making a sandwich. Now, whenever I’m hungry, I won’t trouble mummy, I’ll make one myself. Thank you, Teacher, I really appreciate your effort.

  • Mohammad Ali Shaikh


Today was Nutritional Day. I love cooking and I enjoy helping my mom in the kitchen. So, during Nutritional Day, I made a sandwich, all by myself. I grated the carrot in the morning. After making the sandwich, the place looked very messy. I cleaned and put everything in its proper place. Then my mother and I ate the sandwich. It tasted very nice.

  • Shajwin Israyalraj


Today was Nutritional Day. All of us made a pinwheel sandwich with the help of a video. We enjoyed making it as our Teacher was also making it with us. It tasted awesome, and it was nutritious too. We also listened to a song on nutrition. We all enjoyed today’s day.

  • Ved Nagaonkar


I enjoyed today’s class a lot and I thank my Teacher for this wonderful day. I learned how to make a pinwheel sandwich for the first time. I usually make sandwiches for my mom. Now, I am going to make this pinwheel sandwich again for today’s evening snack. My mom and grandma appreciated me a lot for making this special sandwich.

  • Stanislaus Ratheef


Today we had our virtual Nutritional Day which I had been eagerly waiting for. For the past two – three days, I was very excited, because after learning all the ingredients needed for the day’s activity, I knew that we were going to make a sandwich.

As expected, it was really fun and I really enjoyed making the pinwheel sandwich. It was delicious and healthy, too. I told my mama that I would make pinwheel sandwiches for my lunchbox when I go to school physically.

  • Khamliangthang Khuptong


Today I enjoyed myself a lot. We had to make a wheel sandwich; it was very tasty and yummy. And our Teacher instructed us to eat healthy food to become healthy. Thank you, Teacher for such a wonderful day.

  • Dipanshu Kumar


We celebrated ‘Nutritional Day’ today in our class. Our Teacher explained to us the benefits of having nutritious food which keeps us healthy and fit. Our Teacher also made us aware of the importance of having green vegetables and milk everyday to avoid various health issues. We were taught to make sandwich rolls by using various ingredients like cabbage, carrot, etc. We learnt that healthy food keeps us healthy.

  • Benjamin Philips


Today we had Nutritional Day in school. I was very excited when our Teacher announced it on Wednesday. I went to the market with my mother and purchased the required ingredients. We also bought aluminium foil. I helped my mother in washing the vegetables and she then grated and sliced the vegetables. Our Teacher played a video in which we were taught how to make a sandwich. I followed the video and made a delicious sandwich for the first time. Our teacher was also making the sandwich with us and encouraging us for our efforts. 

Thank you, teacher. We loved making the sandwich.

  • Aarha Chavan


Today we celebrated Nutritional Day. Teacher showed us many videos on the importance of food in our life. We get energy from food. We should eat healthy and not junk food. Teacher showed us a video on how to make a pinwheel sandwich. We all made the sandwich. It was too yummy. I enjoyed it a lot.  

  • Aayush Sonawane


Today was our Nutritional Day. Our Teacher very nicely explained about consuming nutritious food and its importance to our body. Our Teacher also taught us to make an easy pinwheel sandwich for which she had asked us to keep all required ingredients ready. I was very, very happy when Teacher appreciated me as I was making the pinwheel sandwich by myself, which turned out very well, just like my Teacher’s preparation. I enjoyed our class so much that I felt it got over too soon. Thank you, Teacher.

  • Christo Nadar


Today we had Nutritional Day. We had to make a delicious sandwich, which we made all by ourselves. I served the sandwich to my family and everyone liked and enjoyed it, too. Thank you, teacher, for helping us learn about the importance of taking in nutritious food.

  • Shreejan Nadar


Today was Nutritional Day. We all enjoyed making a pinwheel sandwich as our Teacher was also making it with us. My mom and dad appreciated me a lot for making this sandwich.

  • Aaron Dsilva


Today our class celebrated Nutritional Day and Teacher taught us how to make a sandwich. We enjoyed making the sandwich by ourselves. Thank you, Teacher, for teaching us the importance of having nutritious food.

  • Aaditya Chauhan
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