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 Give a care, clean up the air!

In Beyond Academics, we learnt that air is an invisible mixture of gases that surrounds us. We breathe in oxygen from the air. We also learnt the many uses of air, such as for travelling by an aircraft or a hot air balloon, we need air.

Aaditya Chauhan, II A

It was fun learning that air is necessary for the survival of all living things &

that air has no taste, colour or odour.

Aaron Dsilva, II A


In today’s Beyond Academics session, we learnt about air. We can feel air but cannot see it. We cannot live without air. We should not pollute the air or else we will not be able to breathe properly.

Ved Nagaonkar, II A


In our Beyond Academics class today, our Teacher explained everything about air. She helped us understand the importance of air by making us do a simple experiment of holding our breath by closing our nostrils & mouth. I could not hold my breath even for one minute. That’s when I realized how important air is for us!

Mohd. Ali Shaikh, II A


Our Teacher helped us learn about air better by giving us two examples – one of the burning candle & the other of how plants dry up and die if they get no air. I enjoyed doing the pinwheel.

Lemuel Fernandes, II A


Our class teacher, Vailena Ma’am, showed us videos on air and explained the importance of air. She discussed with us that like humans, plants and animals also need air to grow. She told us the causes of air pollution & ways to reduce it.

Thank you, Miss!

Riaan Dsilva, II A



In today’s Beyond Academics, we were taught the importance of air. Hence, we should not pollute the air. It is very harmful, especially since we cannot live without it.

Abhimanyu Masal, II A


In today’s Beyond Academics, my Teacher explained all about air, uses of air and causes of air pollution. Air is necessary for all living beings. We should not pollute air. I enjoyed doing the craft activity.

Ratheef Stanislaus, II A


Air is important for all living things. We learnt more about air, the properties of air and the different names like gale, storm, hurricane, etc, given to different types of winds. But the thing I enjoyed learning and doing the most was the pinwheel.

Shreejan Nadar, II A


Today, our Teacher, in Beyond Academics, explained the importance of air in our day-to-day life. If we close our nose even for a short while, we cannot breathe & we may lose our life. So, air is very important. We must keep it clean.

Shajwin Israyalraj, II A


In today’s Beyond Academics class, I learnt about air – how we can only feel air but cannot see it. We should always breathe fresh air. Air is very important, not only in our life but for all living things in the whole world.

Aayan Bux, Std II A



Air is everywhere

I learned the types of winds and importance of air in todays’ Beyond Academics class. The teacher’s presentation on the Science of Air was very useful and she asked all students to grow plants in our house to help nature in reducing air pollution. We students learnt a very important lesson today that we should help nature by reducing air pollution.  We will try to follow the methods shown in the video to avoid air pollution and also take steps to minimize it. I enjoyed making the wind chime for our Beyond Academics activity. It was a good way to learn about today’s topic.

Vihaan Pawar, II D


Science of Air

Today I learnt about the types of air such as breeze, wind, storm, gale and hurricane. Gale and hurricane are the new words which I learnt today. Thank you to my teacher for teaching us more about the science of air. I enjoyed and learnt a lot about the topic.

Tevis Fernandes, II D

Magic of Air

Today I learnt about the magic of air through the activity and also learnt how the wind chime works. I learnt the uses of air and how we can protect our mother earth from air pollution. I will plant new trees and protect my mother earth. I enjoyed doing the wind chime activity very much.

Aditya Khare, II D

The Power of Air

Today’s class was full of information. It helped me learn the power of air. We need clean air to breathe. We should always grow plants and trees to keep our surroundings pollution free. I also learnt a very important thing that the wind also helps us to generate electric power.

Ruel Rodrigues, II D

Air gives life

In Beyond Academics I learnt about the science of air. Air is a natural resource. It comes in different forms like breeze , wind, storms etc.. Air gives life to every living being. We must not pollute the air and should plant more trees. I felt happy to know that air gives life.

Ronan Vaz, II D

Importance of air

Today we celebrated Beyond Academic Day. Our teacher taught us about the importance of air. In our virtual online class, videos about the types and importance of air in our day to day life were shown. As an activity, we made a wind chime to understand the motion of air. Today I learnt a very important thing that we should save our mother earth by avoiding air pollution and planting more trees.

Joshua Britto, II D


The Science of air

Today’s session was very useful and interesting. I came to know the different kinds of wind, the importance of air and the benefits of planting trees. I also learnt about the wind chime and enjoyed myself a lot while making the wind chime. I also promised today that I will try to protect nature.

Avanees Manikandan, II D

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