“Field Trips are powerful learning experience.”

Today we enjoyed our virtual field trip on solar system. We made an astronaut mask and that was special for us as we felt we were in space. Teacher explained to us about the 8 planets of our solar system and showed us many videos too.

Saransh Dhere  III D


In today’s online field trip about the solar system, I learnt about the planets mercury, venus, earth, mars etc. We went flying in space through a rocket wearing the astronaut mask that I made. Our teacher asked us some funny questions. We also answered quiz and puzzle. I learned many new things about the solar system. I enjoyed today’s online field trip very much. It was a fun adventure. 

Ferdinand Kezhake III D


Today our teacher took us to the journey of solar system through the online session – field trip. We learnt about planets in the solar system and made an astronaut mask. 🌞 I thank teacher for this adventure.

Neel Dicholkar III D


Today, in our virtual field trip, I learnt that there are 8 planets in our solar system. The sun is the brightest star which gives all other planets light during the day. The satellites of all planets give them brightness at night. All the planets in our solar system except Earth are named after Roman and Greek gods and godesses. Mars is the closest planet from earth and there are attempts being made by humans to land on Mars. It is impossible to go to the planet Jupiter because there are asteroids around the Sun. These asteroids act like a door between Jupiter and Earth. Today’s virtual field trip was an enlightening experience and I am looking forward to more such wonderful sessions.  

Kiaan Shetye  III D


Today, on 3rd December, 2020 I learned about Solar System. I learnt that there are 8 planets and they all spin around the sun. The Sun is a star burning brightly in the center of our solar system. I enjoyed my Virtual Field Trip.

Ayaan Shah III D


Today we had our first virtual field trip. Our teacher showed us a video on solar system. We learned about the planets and their characteristics in the session. I enjoyed the trip very much. Now my interest in learning about various planets have increased, I will watch more videos related to it. Thank you teacher for showing us such an interesting video.

Pushkal Chowrasya III D


Journey to the solar system !!!! 

Today I have learned about the solar system in my online class. I learned about the planets in detail. I enjoyed the session very much. Thank you.

Aarush Patare III D


Today we had a “Virtual Field Trip to Our Solar System”. Teacher had told us to make a mask of an astronaut and we all attended the session wearing the mask. We learned about the eight planets in our solar system and about planet Pluto which is a dwarf planet. I enjoyed our “Virtual Field Trip”.

Malhar Gargote III D


Today we enjoyed ‘ Virtual Field Trip – Solar System ‘. Teacher explained about our Solar System through the power point presentation and the video. Teacher taught us about all the planets. Teacher told us to wear the mask and we felt that we were in space. We enjoyed the field trip. Thank you for organizing such an informative virtual field trip.

Vihaan Tawde III D


On 3rd December 2020, I had my virtual field trip. Teacher showed videos of planets and she told us to make an astronaut mask. I learnt that there are 8 planets in the solar system. I also learnt that Jupiter is the largest planet, Saturn has rings, there is life on the planet earth only and much more. I loved the session very much. Thank you

Aryan Shadija III D 


Today was a very interesting day as we had a session on the topic ‘Our Solar System’. We got to know that there are 8 planets in all, out of which Jupiter is the largest and earth being the only planet having life. We had also made a special astronaut mask for the same and also expressed our wanting to explore the space. It was a great day.

Ritesh Dash  III D


Good day to all.

Today, 3rd December 2020, we had our first virtual field trip to the solar system. I had my astronaut mask. 

I learnt about the various planets in the solar system. 

Did you know that the sun is a star, Mercury is the smallest planet, Venus is the hottest planet, Uranus rotates sideways and Jupiter is the largest planet?

After the virtual field trip my class teacher Ms. Alareen divided the class into three groups and conducted a quiz which I liked the most.

I also enjoyed solving the worksheet and the activity of the Solar System posted by my teacher. 

Zach Dmello III D


Today was our first Virtual Field Trip. It was a very exciting experience to see and learn about space and the different planets. We made a lovely astronaut mask and felt like astronauts walking down the space. I gathered a lot of information about the different planets. I got to know some new information like Mars has volcanos, Uranus and Neptune rotate sideways, Earth has 71% water on the planet, etc.. Teacher showed us a video of planets and asteroids giving us information about them. The power point presentation gave us more information about planets. This was my best virtual field trip. 👍❤️ Tonight, I will get a beautiful dream about this exciting trip. Thank you teacher for this informative field trip..🙏🏽🤗😍

Zeeshan Sayed  III D


 Virtual Field Trip to Solar System: I was excited from the day teacher asked us to make an Astronaut Mask and keep it ready for Thursday. Thursday is our holiday and so I started thinking why the mask has to be kept ready for Thursday? When teacher told that it will be our Virtual Field Trip on Thursday, I was very excited for my first Virtual field trip. Today, teacher introduced the topic – solar system. We learned more about the planets in our solar system. I really enjoyed the field trip.

Sky Mohite III D


“The Solar System is a wonderful creation of the Almighty.”

 On the third of December, 2020 was our Online Field Trip. Two days before this our class teacher had asked us to prepare a paper astronaut mask for the field trip. Our teacher showed us videos on different planets and explained their important facts. She then asked us to say three sentences on each planet. I learnt about eight planets. The Quiz conducted by our teacher was very interesting.

Andrew Lawrence III B


 Today we had our Virtual Field Trip. Teacher told us about astronauts, astronomy and astrology. We showed teacher our astronaut mask. She told us about earth and showed us photographs of different planets. She told us about the `dwarf planet` Pluto which cannot be seen now. We watched a song on the Solar System which gave us information about each and every planet and also its picture. We saw asteroids. We had a quiz and did a google form. I enjoyed 


the session very much. 

Nuren Shah III B


 Our school organized a virtual Field Trip to the Solar System on 3rd December, 2020 in order to enlighten us about the concepts related to the Solar System. Teacher created an awareness by showing us videos. We were given information about the planets. This trip was an enjoyable learning experience for us. Our teacher provided us useful information about the solar system and planets.

Raj Kadam III B


Every year, the school conducts educational trips but due to the pandemic of COVID -19 we had a virtual field trip. It was about the Solar system which is a beautiful place to explore. Our teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas explained wonderfully about the eight planets. She explained the characteristics of each planet along with many photographs. We explored all the planets. We learnt about asteroids and the `dwarf planet` Pluto. We made an astronaut mask and a Solar System DIY project. It was a different experience to explore space. Thanking you Shahnaaz Abbas teacher for making the virtual trip enjoyable and interesting. 

Montes Fernando III B


On 3rd December we had our virtual field trip. The purpose of this field trip was to explore space. We learnt about `Our Solar System`. The planets revolve around the sun. The earth is covered with lot of water. We saw videos on planets and our teacher gave us information about the planets in detail. I enjoyed all the videos. This field trip was interesting and knowledgeable for us.

Naman Thapar III B


 Today was yet another experience during the lockdown, a virtual field trip organized for us. It was an amazing experience. We visited space. I felt like an astronaut exploring space. We had made an astronaut`s mask. We did a craft activity on Our Solar System.

Kiaan Keer III B


Virtual Field Trip to Our Solar System was an amazing and splendid experience. We made an astronaut mask which was colourful and easy.

We also learnt about the planets and played games. It was very interesting to know the facts of the Solar System. Our teacher also taught us a saying to remember the names of the planets and its order. We enjoyed a lot.

Ambar Annarkar  III A


The long awaited Field Trip of Std. III happened virtually on 3rd December, 2020.We explored the Solar System. Our teacher Mrs. Christy showed us videos and power point presentation to explain the facts of the planets. We also played a group game and answered a google form. Thank you teacher.

Ryan Jonathan III A


We the students of Don Bosco Primary School, explored the Solar System on the virtually. We enjoyed all the aspects of the field trip. It was very informative and fun. The facts on planets shared by our teacher was very interesting. We also enjoyed the activity of making solar system with cutouts.

Aarush Pawar III A


Today, we had a class Field trip. I enjoyed it a lot. I also learnt about the solar system. Our teacher showed a video of all the planets and explained the facts of the planets. We felt that we were in space. I also got to know that the Pluto is a Dwarf planet and the sun is 10 times bigger than the earth. Overall I enjoyed and learnt a lot  in today’s virtual field trip. Thank you Teacher.

Royston Lobo III C


On 3rd December 2020 Don Bosco Primary School had arranged a virtual field trip. It was a virtual trip to our solar system. A great way to learn about the space and understand interesting facts and information about the objects in the space. For this field trip we had all prepared an astronaut mask. Our class teacher Miss Nerissa told us to put on the mask and then we started our Virtual tour to Space.

We saw a detailed power point presentation on solar system. I really wondered how big space really is? It is huge. In fact, it’s astronomical! The virtual trip was like a trip to strange new world. With one click, we could visit the planets and see them spin and also explore them in three dimensions. We also studied about each of the planets. The event was followed by a Solar System DIY activity which was more fun.

I also prepared a video of my favourite planet “Our Mother Earth” and loved to speak about it.

Special thanks to our head teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and all the teachers and faculty of Don Bosco Primary school. Despite being a virtual field trip it was a very informative and interactive and also one of my favourite trip.

Rithvik Shenoy III C


Our virtual field trip was really fun! It was very interesting to learn about the solar system in detail. We also prepared mask before the field trip. There are 8 planets of different sizes, colour, etc. I always learn new things in every activity.

Lhungoumoun Haokip III C


On 3rd December, we attended an online field trip to solar system. Teacher presented a video and songs on planets. We prepared an astronaut mask and solar system project. We got all the information about all the planets i.e. which planet is small, which is big, which is hot, etc. We enjoyed a lot. It was very informative. Thank you Head teacher and all the teachers for arranging such an exciting and educational Virtual Field Trip.

Adwait Gawde III C


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