-Monique Shah 9D

Going back to school after a long balmy summer vacation makes us feel elated and puts a spring on our feet, undoubtedly not for studies, but for meeting friends we haven’t seen in a long time.  The animated discussions when we entered our classrooms were about the clash of the arch rivals, India and Pakistan yesterday (16 June 2019), in the ongoing cricket World Cup. It was the most anticipated match of the tournament. The nation comes together on three occasions: Independence Day, Republic Day and for an India v/s Pakistan cricket match. What was surprising is that it was not just the cricket fans that were engaged in deep conversations, but the Messi, Ozil and Rafa fans also had strong viewpoints. You could not go from one classroom to another without hearing about rains playing spoilsport, Rohit’s exploits or the DLS method. Some of the students were anxiously waiting for their class teacher to walk in and put an end to the guessing game. Students were heard sharing their experiences during vacations.  When the principal announced that Saideep Rapolu, a student of Std X passed away while on his visit to Hyderabad, shock coursed through the students. Many of them did not know him, but were saddened on hearing that a fellow Boscoite had died. The inexplicable bond was akin to when our soldiers die and the whole nation grieves.

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