Band performance on the fantabulous annual day!
-Aditya Subramaniam 8D

We the band boys were all set to perform for the big day at our school that is the annual day. Our annual day was on the 8th and 9th of February 2019. After many days of practice, commitment and hard work under the direction and guidance of our band master Sir Saby Franco, we finally got ready to perform.
At 6.30 pm on Friday 08 Feb 2019, we played two pieces (this performance was followed by another on the second day Sat 09 Feb 2019). At the grand entry of the esteemed guests we played ‘American patrol’, a popular march which was composed by the great musician Glenn Miller. Then, we had one more solo performance for the entertainment of the spectators. This time, we played ‘A Taste of honey’ which was originally composed by The Tijuana brass band. The spectators were overwhelmed after hearing that piece. We had the spectators shouting for an encore when we played the two Hindi numbers that formed a part of the musical ‘Seven brides for seven brothers’ that the school staged for the Annual day programme. We played ‘ Dukki pe dukki ho ‘ and ‘Zindagi milke bitayenge’. It was for the first time that the band belted some Hindi numbers!
We the band players had a very good experience of the big stage. It was not a cup of tea for some players who had stage fever, but then our mentor Sir Saby trained us very well to face a grand occasion like the annual day. At the vote of thanks, our Principal Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes said the band awed the audience and that the boys played like professionals. He said that their performance was so good that a few in the audience had already uploaded their video rendition on the social media.
For me, as a drummer, it is a privilege to be a part of the great Don Bosco band!

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