Be the change that you want to see in the world– Mahatma Gandhi
Mani Bhavan- One Act Play

It was great fun preparing for the play and learning with our class teacher Ms Kashmira. I was very excited as this was my second trip to Mani Bhavan and my first experience as a narrator in the play. It was so much fun, right from the bus ride to Mani Bhavan, up to standing on the stage to perform. I gave my best on stage, along with all the other Bosco boys. I was very happy and proud to represent our school and to be a part of the Don Bosco team.
Liam Sequeira – Std 4D

This was my first experience in a group act that too at an interschool level. I was fortunate that my teachers considered me to be a part of this One Act Play. The play was about our beloved Gandhiji, his love and care towards the poor and needy. It was one of a kind, experience as we were not just enacting our roles but helping each other to perform better realising the responsibility each one of us had and the importance of team work. A big thanks to our teachers who put in a lot of hard work, boosted our confidence and devoted a lot of their valuable time to train us and get the best out of us. My parents too came forward with the other parents to prepare the props. Our costumes, props and backdrop was well thought and skit well executed by Ms. Kashmira. It was truly an awesome group effort giving us a true sense of team spirit and we were super proud to represent our school.
Rushaan Marolikar- Std 3D

I enjoyed my first experience at Mani Bhavan performing in the one act play on 17th September. It was my first interschool competition and I enjoyed every moment of the act. I was very happy as I was selected among the ten participants who were to perform on stage. I was excited and very confident too
Alvin D’Souza – Std 3 D

It was a great experience to perform at the interschool competition at Mani Bhavan. As per the instructions given by Ms. Kashmira we delivered our dialogues loudly and clearly. I thank my teachers and members of the Management for giving us this great opportunity to display our talents.
Darren Pates- 3D

I was so fortunate to be selected as a narrator for the interschool Mani Bhavan Competition. It really helped me to build my confidence and to be able to speak in front of a large audience which was overwhelming. It was a great exposure to witness how the other students from different schools perform similar roles. Thanks to my teachers who gave me this opportunity to be one to flag off with the opening lines to a great script. The whole place was flooded with so many children from different schools. The look on the faces of the judges made me feel very happy because I am sure they liked our performance. The skit helped me learn more about the teachings and examples of Mahatma Gandhi that even we children can put to practice in our everyday life.
Yohaan Fernandes – 4D

I had never been to Mani Bhavan before so I was excited as my teacher had explained us about the same and had a chance to view the memoir of Mahatma Gandhi. My peers and I put up an excellent performance and I am sure we will emerge as winners when the results will be declared.
Linus Sancheev Kumar – 4D

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