Beyond Academics – Love Thy earth

Our school has this session every year with different topics planned in accordance with the syllabus. I always look forward to it. We had two sessions. In the first session we had a discussion how to keep ourselves healthy and our environment clean. We were explained the concept of the 3 R’s- Reduce, Recycle and Re-use. The importance of separating dry waste and wet waste. We had some fun art work. We were also explained how to pot a plant and all the material was given to us from school. Fun filled activities were conducted as well. At the end of the session my friends and I were very happy to receive stickers-‘Be a Recycling Hero’ for actively participating in  the quiz conducted. In the second session our class teacher encouraged all of us to make useful articles out of reusable waste and we were rewarded with chocolates for our amazing work. Then came the most enjoyable and amazing part of the whole session. We were taken for a field trip to ICT ( Institute of Chemical Technology). I used to always ask my mom what is this place all about? I felt fortunate that I got to see this place from inside. We were taken to a room where they had a machine installed which converted wet waste into plant manure. The procedure was also explained to us. Thanks to the Don Bosco Management for conducting these sessions every year and treating our minds with information and awareness. Thanks to our class teacher for answering all our queries and making this activity a fun-filled learning experience for all of us.

  • Rushaan Marolikar Std II D


Beyond Academics was a fun filled activity session. I enjoyed every bit of the session. The teachers explained to us what we can do as kids and what we can ask our parents to do to help keep the environment clean. We potted a plant, played games and made useful objects which were marked as project work . Our class teacher was very happy and said all of us have scored full marks for our project work.

  • Arnav Singh Std II D


Beyond Academics activity which was conducted in school was an enjoyable session for me. I enjoyed doing the project with my parents as it was something new for me other than my regular study work. My parents were happy to hear about the activities conducted for us in class. My teacher was very happy to see my project which I made using candy sticks and old CD’s. The session at ICT was very informative. Thanks to my class teacher and the management for all that they do for us.

  • Athaang Shirkar Std II D
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