Ad-Mad World “Where creativity meets madness”

Ads! Ads! Ads!.. They make us mad with flashes of Creativity.

You switch on the Television – an Ad is playing..

You Open the Newspaper/ Magazine – an Ad pops up..

You Play Radio FM – an Ad is played..

You enter a Theatre – Ads flash on the big screen..

You walk out on street – see big hoardings/ billboards of Ads..

The Ad Fad crept into our Online Class too today with the Jingle:

Utterly, butterly, delicious….. Amul ..

This surprise element was such a pleasant experience for me today. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen and got engrossed in the topic for the day. The explanation given by my class teacher helped me learn that the Ad World is such a powerful media to sell products that nothing sells without advertising it.

Be it fast-food or chocolates or eatables or even daily need products, we kids get attracted towards these products by just watching these Ads.

Advertising has become so important that a day will come when an

individual will have to advertise his talent, education and assets to

procure a job, set up a business or pave a path to success. Hail Ads!!!!!!!


Jiyaan Shah IV D


This is the one of the most awaited activity which I look forward to every year. Our Teacher Ms. Kashmira planned to keep the topic a surprise so we were all the more eager and excited for the session. Today our topic was ‘Ad- Mad World’.  Our Teacher gave us an example of one of our favourite brand ‘Amul’. She explained to us how important an Ad is, to connect with the customer. The older the product, the Ad needs to be upgraded with new ideas and new technology. She showed us a PPT and videos of Cadbury Gems, Amul and Pears. Seeing these videos we understood how many minds and hands work behind the camera to make an Ad. It’s the time and hard work of a team which makes a thirty second Ad so exciting to watch. She also explained how Ads for eg. Lays, Kurkure and Maggi have an impact on us in our day to day life. I learnt two important things today through the teachings of Ms. Kashmira. The Ad should only speak about its product and should never criticize any other product. Although we can see just a few characters on the screen in an Ad, there are many more people behind the scene who put their time, hard work and creativity. This session really changed the way I look at Ads. They are fun and informative but I also realised a lot of hard work goes into making one.

Rushaan Marolikar IV D


Consumer products reach its final user through Advertisement. This was the topic covered in our Beyond Academics session. We were shown two videos advertising two different products. Both the all-time favourite and very well-known – ‘Amul’ and ‘Cadbury’ I learnt how every company uses different marketing ideas and brand their products. They make the products attractive and advertise them through various media channels like newspapers, televisions magazines etc. These channels are used by companies to pass on the message to the consumers. I also enjoyed seeing the videos and learnt how the advertisement world attracts us. Teacher concluded the session with a learning through word search activity and an advertisement tagline to be written for a mobile phone. One important thing which I enjoyed making on my own was a mask the most important thing we all require to use these days.

Ethan D’Souza IV D

Today during the Beyond Academics session conducted by my class teacher. I learnt about advertisements and how people are attracted towards buying products. It was a wonderful learning experience as it made me think on how to be creative. I enjoyed coming up with a tagline for my own new mobile phone and I look forward to exploring many more classes such as this one.

Caleb Dias IV D

Today we had a wonderful session conducted by our class teacher on Beyond Academics. It was very interesting and full of fun. Teacher explained about advertisements and the different logo’s. We understood how advertisements are made. Teacher gave us many examples like Amul, First Cry, Lenskart, Myntra etc. There are different types of Amul products like cheese, milk, curd, ghee, ice- cream, paneer etc. Today I came to know about the full form of Amul is ‘Anand Milk Union Limited’ Teacher displayed different logos of products like Lays, Instagram, Play Station, X-box, Apple etc. We daily see good advertisements of different products but today I realized there are so many people who work hard to create one advertisement. I really enjoyed the Beyond Academic session.

Samarth Chavan IV D

Today in our online class I learned so many things about advertisement. Ads make it easy to show the world what’s unique about each brand. I learned something new and interesting which I did not know at all. Really I enjoyed and liked the session   very much.

Chirag Amit Kumar IV D

We see different advertisements daily. Branded companies sell their products by advertising and marketing the product Vis newspaper, internet, mobile app. The audience view the advertisement and buy the products according to their needs. I enjoyed all the activities conducted by teacher and sent a pic of my work on the whatsapp group.

Soham Yewale IV D

Our topic for Beyond Academics was ‘Ad Mad World’. Teacher showed us different Ads for different age groups. Advertisements are made attractive for the people. Ms. Kashmira made the session very interactive and kept us engaged during the session. We had a great time learning how advertisements are made.

Darren Pates IV D

Today we had a wonderful session online ‘Beyond Academics’. Our teacher Miss Kashmira explained and conducted a very interactive class by presenting videos, a PPT to explain the topic Ad- Mad World.  We discussed about different Ads. We solved a worksheet with a word search puzzle and to create a mobile phone Ad with a tagline. Today school was super fun and educative.

 Rohaan Elavia IV D

Today I was very excited when our teacher explained us about the Ad- Mad World. I have never heard of this before but when teacher explained I understood it was about different advertisements. I enjoyed learning everything teacher taught us today. I made a mask using two rubber-bands and a handkerchief.

Jacob Singh IV D

In the lockdown period we started online class. Today, first time in online class we learned Beyond Academics. I am happy to learn this subject. Teacher showed us video and photos based on advertisements. We got an idea that one brand makes many things like milk, cheese, butter and more. Advertise give us information about brand. But remember every brand has attractive tag title.

 Vihaan Charniya IV D

During this lockdown situation I thank Ms. Kashmira for teaching us something beyond our academic syllabus. We learned something interesting that is ‘Ad Mad World’ (advertisement world). I was happy to share the full form of ‘Amul’(Anand Milk Union Limited) .Miss Kashmira also gave us information about the marketing techniques. Thank you teacher for your beautiful presentation I really loved this Beyond Academic lecture.

Aditya Shitap IV D

I really enjoyed the session conducted by teacher today. I understood how the advertisements are created and enjoyed doing all the activities and posting them on whatsapp

Aryan Parab IV D

Advertisements is a platform which makes us aware of new products available in the market. Today I learnt about the advertising world and I was surprised!!! To get this on a platform through the online schooling session. I understood how an agency creates the advertisement, gives a tag line for the product and an attractive cover to it. If the consumer likes the advertisement and tag line he gets attracted to buy the product. I enjoyed viewing the videos and learnt a lot.

Athaang Shirkar IV D

Today we had a session Ad- Mad World which was both fun and exciting. Advertisements are important and they influence us so much that we end up buying things or even change brands. I learnt that Ads influence people of all age group. The activity of making a mask with a handkerchief and two rubber bands was very helpful as I can use it as and when required.

Ishaan Aiyer IV D

Ad- Mad World was a wonderful and learning session conducted by my class teacher today. I enjoyed watching the videos. Teacher displayed various logos and we students had to identify the brand name. It was real fun. Teacher also explained the various modes of advertising a product. We were asked to solve an interesting work-sheet after the session.

Royden Koli IV D

I enjoyed this session and learnt a lot. It is the hard work of many people put together to create one advertisement. I watched the videos once again after the session. I want to say a big thank you to my class teacher for conducting this session and explaining about advertisements and its usefulness. My parents too enjoyed the session.

Harsh Patil IV D


Today we had an awesome session on Beyond Academics. Teacher taught us how to make an advertisement. I really enjoyed making one by myself. Though it was not a perfect one, but I learnt a lot in the making of an ad. Thank you teacher for that wonderful experience. Truly enjoyed a lot.

Steve Mehtri – 4 A


Wow! What a beautiful topic, “Ad Mad World”. When I heard the topic I thought that today we will get to learn something new and unique. Indeed, the topic “Advertisement” brought a smile on my face. I got to learn something different. I created my own advertisement and also posted it on the class  whatsapp group. It was a fun-filled activity. Thank you teacher for this creative activity.

Kanishk Khose  4A


The Beyond Academics activities were really fun-filled. I got an opportunity to create an ad of my own. I am sure this will definitely help me in the future.

Tanishq Garud  4 A


Today’s beyond academics session was incredible and remarkable. Sincerely enjoyed making an ad of my own. Thank you teachers.

Vinay Carvalo    4A


Thank you teachers for organizing such wonderful activities. It was fun to watch the videos and we truly appreciate your hard work to make this topic interesting for us.

Mee Raj Soman   4A


Our class teacher conducted the ad mad world activity in our online class. It was an interesting session. She taught about how advertisements are made and put forth on different platforms. We were assigned with an activity to make a mask and a worksheet for media & advertisements. We were shown how we can make masks at home and it turned out to be very easy than I thought.

My mom had brought me a mask, which I could wear while going out of the house, but now I know how to make a mask on my own because of this activity, I can make lot of masks at home for everybody and also give the housekeeping didi, if she forgets hers’. The crossword puzzle was fun and I got to know many new words like advertisements, media and consumers. We were also told to make an advertisement for mobile phones and I made one for my mom’s phone. Through today’s session, I learnt that advertisements help people know about many things and products.

Ethan Jenson  4B


Today’s class we had the opportunity to be a part of the Beyond Academics session. I enjoy attending online class as each day we learn something new and interesting. Today’s topic was Ad Mad World. It surely seemed a little different but our teacher explained it very well. Today’s session helped us learn about why advertisements are made and how a variety of teams work together in making one ad a success. We learnt about the work of an editor who makes the ad so attractive. I liked the PPT as it was very informative. The teacher showed us videos of some famous brands such as Amul and Cadbury. It was a wonderful experience to learn something out of the box.

Shaurya Waghmare 4 B


Today we learnt about the ad mad world in our beyond academics session. It was an amazing experience. We watched many advertisements but did not really know how they are created. As our teacher started explaining to us about it. I was taken away knowing that it isn’t a single person’s job. An entire team works together in making one ad. Wow! truly a lot of efforts go into it. We learnt about a variety of brands and how they hire ad agencies to advertise their product. We also were taught to make a mask in class as an activity. And the teacher asked us to make an ad using that mask. The worksheet was fun and interesting. It took me a while to write a tagline for the mobile phone. Today through our session I have also learnt that teamwork is really important to succeed.

Rayan Palkiwala 4 C


Today was yet another interesting day for all of us. For the very first time we had Beyond Academics session on a virtual platform. The session was very interesting. I got an opportunity to learn how to make a mask with articles that were available at home. I also got to know how to make an advertisement. I wish this session would be held every month. Thanks to our teachers who took the trouble to teach us these interesting facts.

Ayaan Sakkarwala 4 C


On 15th September we had a session on Beyond Academics. This time we learnt how to make a mask at home with a handkerchief and hair bands. We also got an opportunity to see how an advertisement is made. Thanks to our teacher for providing us this fruitful session. We had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Vihan Parab 4 C


Today in Beyond Academics session we learnt how to make an advertisement and a mask. It was totally a different experience. In our school we get to learn so many new things. Thanks to our teachers for all that they do to teach us.

Atharva Patil. 4 C

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