Beyond Academics – Wonders of Water

Today we had an online activity on wonders of water. Our class teacher engaged us in this activity. We learnt how to prepare a solution with sugar, water and dish wash gel. I enjoyed blowing bubbles. – Gurjot Singh Obha

Life is not just academics but everyday learning new things. Today we learnt something new with a live experience of making bubbles. I also learnt about the uses and importance of water. – Krivi Seth

It was a fun learning experience today. It helped us to use water wisely. We also gained knowledge that water is life that creates wonders.
– Clayton D’Mello

We enjoyed the class activity today. I prepared a solution of 2 spoons of dish wash gel, added water and 2 spoons of sugar. I used a bubble blower to blow the bubbles. This helped us understand that sugar dissolves in water. – Aden Samuel John

Std I D
“Make every drop of water count”
I loved today’s activity as I love bubbles! I learnt how to make soap solution in an easy and fun way, and now I don’t have to buy the bubble solution anymore! I can make bubbles anytime. Thank you teacher for this fun session. – Ekaansh Trasi

In today’s session I learnt that water is precious and we should save water by not wasting it. I got to know about the uses of water. From today onwards, I will drink 8 glasses of water in a day.-Praveen Nadar

It was interesting to learn about the uses of water and its forms. Trees give us rain; that is a source of water. I will not waste water and will become a water hero. I loved today’s activity on bubble making. I shared my bubble mixture with my friends, we all enjoyed blowing and bursting water bubbles. – Wayne Monteiro

In today’s Beyond Academics session I learnt about the wonders of water. My Teacher showed us videos, explained the importance of water and the different ways to save water. Now I know that water is very important and I have to treasure it. From today onwards, I will save water and use it only if needed. Also, the bubbles making activity was so much fun.- Daksh Dansingh

Today, I enjoyed the bubbles making activity. I loved blowing bubbles with the soap solution which was prepared by me. Now I can make my own solution any time I wish.
– Kaden Dias

Bubble blowing is something I enjoy playing. I was super excited to see teacher making the bubble solution in the class. – Dwayne Monteiro

I loved the bubble mixer activity a lot and making it at home was fun. – Vineet Monteiro

I enjoyed today’s activity a lot. Thank you, Jessiya Teacher for this wonderful activity.-Neel Muluk

Today’s online session was very helpful. I learnt how to make bubble liquid using soap, water and sugar. I enjoyed doing the activity. Now I won’t tell my mother to buy the bubble liquid from a shop, I will make it all by myself and play with my sister and have fun. – Ritvik

I enjoyed making the bubble solution with water, sugar and liquid soap. My bubble solution is yellow and smells like lemon. – Ansh Gujarathi

When Teacher informed us to keep the materials ready for the activity, I was very excited for the day to come. My mother never allows me to play with water but this time the activity was so interesting that she helped me to prepare the bubble solution by using liquid soap, water and sugar. I was happy to see the tiny bubbles. Today’s activity reminded me of my Sr. Kg blowing activity. Thanks to our Teacher for arranging this wonderful activity. – Aaradhya Manjarekar

Today was a fun filled day. I enjoyed the bubble blowing activity. I will also share the process of making the bubble solution with my friends.- Daksh Chavan

I am so happy that I come to know how to make bubble liquid as it’s my favourite activity to play with bubbles.Thank you very much teacher for making all of us happy today.-Maniar Hridhan

It was a wonderful activity. I enjoyed blowing the bubbles. My parents helped me in the activity. – Athang Shinde

The best part of today’s session was the bubble making activity. It was very nice to see magical bubbles – the best wonder of water. We had fun when Teacher demonstrated the activity for us. Thank you Jessiya Teacher for this wonderful day. – Aaditya Panchal

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