-Aaditya Kotian –Std IV

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

‘BEYOND ACADEMICS’was introduced in the Primary Section since the last two years. Two subjects were chosen. Money Management for the mathematically inclined and Warli Art for those with an aesthetic sense. Both the subjects caught the interest of students and parentsalike, as it was something new, something out of the regular syllabus.
A team of specialized personnel   come to the school to conduct these activities. They are very knowledgeable about their subject and they make it really exciting for the students.

Money Management:
Every rupee saved is a rupee earned, and what would be a better way to inculcate the value of money in the young of today. Throughactivities, the concept of spending and saving money is brought to the fore. The Barter System was enacted giving the students an ideaof how the money management system worked in the absence of currency.
The students learnt how to deal with money when they shop, the benefits of saving money and some ways of where to save money, like depositing in a bank.

These boys shared their views about money management:

YohaanPunjuani:  After the money management session, I have asked my parents to open a bank account in my name. I have decided to save all the money that I keep getting from people and put it in a bank.

AureliusGodad: Learning about money management has made me more confident when I go out alone to buy things from the shops.

Ayaan Khan:  I have learnt not to spend money unnecessarily and save it for better use in future.

Warli Art:

Using the projector, theguide who had come from the Beyond Academics Team explained the history of Warli art, the names of the different tribes and their importance. The session included information about how and when the tribal people use this art and, the kind of materials that  used to paint. Every symbol had a meaning and its significance was explained. The students were excited when they were given a sheet of paper to draw any of the displayed drawings. Each of them brought out the inner artist in them and painted  beautiful Warli designs.
An outdoor activity, using   earthen pots, brushes and bowls of rice paste was done too .The students did their best. Each one had made something unique and it looked beautiful!

Some interesting views of the students:

AllanMathew : I enjoyed the presentation part, where I got to learn about the relation between the tribals and  Warli art.
SiddhantKumar : I never enjoyed painting so much as much as I did using Warli art on pots.
AadityaKotian: Although drawing and painting have never been so interesting to me, the Warli painting really made me use my hands artistically with a brush. I brought the pot home and have kept it on display as a show piece in my personal shelf.

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