Stanwin Fernandes 8 F

Don Bosco High School had its annual “Kala Utsav” on Thursday, 30th August 2018 in the School premises namely, Classrooms, Gymnasium, Bianchi Hall and the conference hall. The event was held mainly to showcase the talent of the school Students in the secondary section through various inter House competitions. It is held every year to see as to which house students excel in creative activities coupled with spot thinking, etc.
The “Kala Utsav” can be also termed as a talent competition between students of various houses, as it consists of Vocals[English and Hindu] Drawing, Talent Hunt, Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Speech, Spell-bee.
There were different time slots allotted for different activities / contest and each house students had to abide by the rules and regulations of their respective events. Teachers and Supervisors were given the responsibility to monitor each event and to overall see to it that everything went in accordance with the said rules and regulations governing a particular activity/contest. The various events were held simultaneously at different venues in the school, in two categories, viz the junior category and the senior category.
The names of the winners of the different events held on Kalautsav were announced the next day. The winning house of the “Kala Utsav” is the one that gets the maximum points. This year it was the Red House students who were declared as the eventual winners of the “Kala Utsav”. Red House was closely followed by Blue House and then the Green House and finally the Yellow House.
The Students of the various Houses had to use their grey cells in order to come out with something very creative and “out of the box” in order to stand a chance to make a mark in the competition and also to see to it that they can compete with other students. One of the students when asked about the “Kala Utsav” spontaneously remarked saying that “it was a wonderful experience to take part in such an event, so different from our routine academics. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was a time of complete relaxation, with no studies”.
The aim of any education is not to prepare a student for today or tomorrow but for his entire life. Hence, besides studying and gaining knowledge, the students must also learn to enjoy and balance their life and to make the best possible use of their leisure time and “Kala Utsav” is the right “tonic” for students to add spice to their learning process of the school days. Similarly, “Kala Utsav” gives an opportunity for a student to showcase his talent and other extra-curricular activities which undoubtedly result in an all-round development of the students and shall prepare them for the journey of life ahead. “Kala Utsav” is a platform whereby the students can give their imagination a concrete shape.

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