Bosco Kalautsav – a day of excitement
-Ehtan 7D
After many days of learning and studying comes a day full of excitement, a day full of joy. It is the “Bosco Kala Utsav”. As the word states Bosco Kala Utsav means Bosco Talent Fest – a platform for the students to showcase their talents in various fields like Elocution, Vocals(singing), Quiz, Spell bee, Debate and many other activities. The day started with boys from fifth, sixth and seventh participating in drawing contest while the boys of eighth, ninth and tenth were involved in various other contests scheduled for them. This continued till the short break which was at 11AM. After the short break, a few seventh standard classes were moved to the ‘Bianchi Hall’ in DBIS, to cheer their teams for the quiz competition. The hall came to life with everyone cheering their teams. Meanwhile, the eighth, ninth and tenth standards were busy in the drawing contest. We returned to the class from Bianchi Hall and at the stroke of the bell for lunch break there was no soul in the class. After we returned from lunch break, our class with a few others assembled in the conference hall to attend the elocution competition. Rest of the boys went to Bianchi Hall for the talent hunt. Eighth, ninth and tenth standards had simultaneous contests going on. Finally an eventful day came to an end and we all are looking forward to many more such days full of excitement and joy.

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