-Aditya Wani 7A
Don Bosco High School Matunga celebrated its Kala Utsav on 30 August 2018. Kalautsav is a festival of marvel, excitement, joy and unity. The school began at 9:30 am with the students assembling in their respective classes. Positive energy was sensed at the outset with the conduct of the morning prayer.
For the first half of the session students gathered at the gym to delight in the beautiful singing at the ‘vocals’ competition. Judges for the show were Mrs Iyer , Sir Sherone, Miss D’Costa and the students welcomed them with a round of applause. After a short break events like talent hunt, spellbee ,etc. took place. In Talent Hunt, beat boxing, instrument playing, sword fighting … took place. House jersey added glory to the show. Every house jersey signifies great thoughts, -red colour signifies courage, blue resembles passion, green resembles peace and yellow represents respect. Everyone including judges Mr Godson, Mr Yogesh, Mr Satish, Mr Raidu were flabbergasted by the talent at Don Bosco. Every performance was magnificent with maximum participation and cheer from the audience for every good performance.
The most enjoyable moment was the drawing competition. Topics were ‘save earth’, ‘plastic Ban’. One and half hour was dedicated to it. The day’s activities were memorable and enjoyable. There was discipline and the items were well planned. This was reflected in the Principal’s words of appreciation for the organizers, participants and audience. The performances of the day did reflect the varied and magnificent colours of the rainbow!

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