Bosco Kalautsav
-Parv Rajput 7 B

The Bosco Kalautsav was held on 30th August, 2018 at 9.30am. Many practices, elimination rounds had taken place before the Kalautsav. The day started with a good drawing competition where all the boys of Standard VII participated with great enthusiasm. Marvellous drawings were made by the boys and pictures were taken of the best ones. From each division three drawings were selected. In the quiz competition blue house boys of the Standard VII made an impact. After, 11.30am the vocals of Hindi and English categories took place. There were many participants from Standard V, VI and VII.
All the participants had given their best but couldn’t snatch away the prize. The art competition of standard 7 took place from 11.30am to 1.00pm. They had to draw on the topic “Science and technology- A boon”. After the lunch break, the talent hunt round and the elocution round had begun. There were different participants from standard V to VII in the conference hall. Our very own, Mrs. Barbara Fernandes who was a part of the institution for the past 35 years had graced the event as a judge for the elocution. There were many different speeches which entertained the audience as well as the judges. Vikrant Pawar won the elocution by taking the red house in the lead. Darsh Jain from Standard VII won in the vocals event. There was a spell bee event too arranged for the boys through which they improved their vocabulary.
The talent hunt round took place at the Bianci hall. Through this event the boys and the teachers discovered many new talents like beat boxing, sword fighting, solving the Rubik’s cube and playing many different types of musical instruments like saxophone, flute, keyboard and so on. The judges were amazed to see the talents of the boys and finally announced the winners.
The amazing Bosco Kalautsav came to an end by 3.15pm. After this the boys read books. The bell rang at 3.45 pm and the boys headed back home .

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