Articles for Student Corner for Bosco Week

Std I D

If you want to be loved, you must love yourselves, and make your children

feel that you love them.”St. Don Bosco


Throughout this week we celebrated the Feast of our loving St. Don Bosco. Our

Teacher showed us PPTs, hymns and videos about Don Bosco. I enjoyed solving the worksheet and the puzzle. 

  • Daksh Dansingh


St. Don Bosco is the Father and Teacher of youth. This week helped me gain

a lot of information about St. Don Bosco, the one who helped the poor. I will

also be a kind person like St. Don Bosco.

  •  Pravin Nadar


I learnt many things about St. Don Bosco during this week. I liked singing the

hymn – Raise your voices. I enjoyed watching the videos on the life of St. John

Bosco. I will try to be a person like St. Don Bosco. 

  •  Kaden Dias


We all celebrated Bosco Week in a very happy way. I will be a helpful child like

St. Don Bosco. I am feeling very glad to be a part of this Don Bosco institution.

  • Aaradhya Manjarekar


During this week I came to know more about St. Don Bosco. St. Don Bosco

sacrificed his life for orphans and street children. He is a role model for youngsters. I like St. Don Bosco.

  •  John Edison


Std. I A


It is not enough to love the young, they must know they are loved, as rightly quoted by St. John Bosco. We, students, were inspired by listening to the stories and hymns of St. John Bosco. Teacher presented a video on St. John Bosco’s life. We learnt about Don Bosco who was dedicated to the betterment of the life of the street children and educating them. We celebrate the feast of Don Bosco on 31st  January every year in school.

 – Clayton D’Mello


Don Bosco School provides good education for all children. It is all

because of the patron saint of our school, the father of all youth – St. John Bosco. Our Teacher explained to us about the life of Don Bosco, that encourages me to develop skills in various activities like singing, dancing, drawing, clay modelling, etc. – Gurjot Singh Obhan


Std II B


Our school celebrated Bosco week from 22nd to 30th January. It was an

immense pleasure to see all the videos and information on Saint Don Bosco after

whom our school is named. We always see him in the pictures and a statue in

school. This year I came to know about his life, qualities and about his family

members too. Our class teacher had given us worksheets and a prayer for revision.

It was really fun.

– Khade Devansh


I thank my school for all the interesting activities organised for us

all through this Bosco week. I had so much fun listening to the stories on Saint Don Bosco’s life, drawing, colouring , singing hymns, learning about his life’s work and participating in the quiz. I now know so much more about him and I am so proud to be a part of his dream. Thank you, Ms. Jeneta for making learning so much fun.

– Malode Aditya

Std II A

This week we celebrated Bosco Week. The feast of St. John Bosco is celebrated on 31st January every year. Each day of the week we watched PPTs and videos and learnt about Don Bosco. We also learnt two melodious hymns – Raise Your Voices and We Thank You O Lord for Don Bosco. I was really touched by his story, especially his love and concern for poor children. 

  • Khamliangthong Khuptong
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