“Whatever you do, think of the Glory of God as your main goal.”

– Don Bosco


This week we enjoyed Bosco Week in our online class. Teacher explained and gave all the information about Don Bosco through PPT. We sang hymns daily. We watched a video on St. John Bosco had learnt from his mother to see God in the face of the sick and needy. We also solved a quiz and worksheets. I enjoyed Bosco Week very much.

Vihaan Tawde  III D


Hello everyone! We celebrated Bosco week before the feast of the father of our school St Don Bosco. He was born in Becchi on 16 August 1815 and died on 31 January 1888. He is the father and teacher of the young. During Bosco week, we logged in our class on time because our teacher presented songs, videos on the life of St John Bosco. There were also worksheets and a quiz too. What I missed this year was Fr Rector’s stories on Don Bosco which he would narrate to us in school during this week. I hope we will be able to celebrate Bosco week in school next year. Thank you

Lathaniel Gomes  III D


Don Bosco week is the time when we get to know a lot about St. John Bosco. His greatness, his birthday and the place where he was born and bought up and more about him. In the week, we also solved many worksheets on Don Bosco and activities too, which helped us know about him in a different and unique way. We had a great time learning about Don Bosco.

Ritesh Dash  III D


We celebrated Don Bosco Week from 22nd January to 30th January 2021. We learnt many things as how one dream changed the young boy’s life – John Bosco who later became a priest. We learnt that we should dream, focus and achieve excellence in harmony. St. John Bosco also known as Don Bosco inspires us to work for poor and unfortunate boys and those in need.

Sky Mohite III D


I have learned from Don Bosco to work hard like him. I also learnt to respect our parents. I will keep his words in my heart and I will be strong like him.

Saransh Dhere  III D


From 22nd January 2021 we were celebrating Bosco week. Every day, Teacher used to show us hymns to Don Bosco. I loved all the hymns. Teacher also shared information about St. John Bosco. 

From these videos and information, I learned that we should be kind, helpful, be kind to everyone. We should never be rude to anyone and 

work hard. Thank you teacher for showing us such beautiful videos. 

Aakash Chaskar  III D 


In this week we all learnt the story of John Bosco, about his parents, his childhood and his first dream.  His schooling and his achievements, how he helped the poor, orphans and neglected boys to have a good life and how 

he loved the young. His seminary life, when he became a priest, his good deeds and how he trained young boys through different learning activities, his life till death all was shown in the short PPT by our Teacher. He always encouraged boys to dream and focus and gave education a lot of importance. Activity worksheets, quiz and a lovely hymn were shared with us to increase our knowledge about him. We are really blessed to have him in our lives as he had started a great school for all of us to study well, learn sports and overall to become a good human being with good values in life to carry on to our future. We truly appreciate all the efforts of our teachers. Thank you. 🙏🏽

Zeeshan Sayed III D


Don Bosco – My Patron 

In this Bosco week, I felt very glad, enthusiastic and delightful as we are about to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco. I sang hymns and prayed for everyone who are sick, worried, lame, blind, crippled, in isolation, doctors, nurses and health workers.

Elazaro D’Costa   III D


“Bosco… Bosco …. Bosco ….Don Bosco”

I miss the way we Boscoites cheer our school on each special occasion that we celebrate in our school. I am blessed to be a student of such an esteemed educational institution. St. John Bosco was the founder of the Don Bosco educational society and he was a master of classroom management. We celebrated Bosco week in our online school sessions from 22nd Jan to 30th Jan, 2021 because of the ongoing pandemic. Our dear class teacher Shahnaaz ma’am showed us different videos and explained to us how a nine-year-old boy, John Bosco, who was a dreamer, hard worker became St. Don Bosco. She narrated many stories about his life. At the age of nine John Bosco saw a dream which marked his entire life. A man appeared in his dream and told him that you will not win your friends with blows but with gentleness and kindness, so begin right now to show them that sin is ugly and virtue beautiful. Soon a lady appeared and told him, “”Look, I did so. ” All the children had turned into wolves and then into lambs. She said, “This is your field and this is where you must work.” At this point John woke up and started crying. When he told his mother about his dream she knew it was a calling and he would have to go to school to be able to be a priest. God was preparing John to be a future teacher of the young. He was a dreamer and very hard working. He was very religious and at a very young age he started going to church and studying religion. John Bosco was ordained a priest in 1841.He worked hard for children who were abandoned and poor.

  I was deeply touched and inspired after knowing how tough his life was as a child and how he sacrificed his life for the education and betterment of poor, abandoned children. Being a member of the Don Bosco family every one of us should know the life history of St. John Bosco who was later called Don Bosco.

          Thank you dear Shahnaaz teacher for making the celebrations so wonderful and interesting with all the stories, worksheets and presentations. Thank you dear Head teacher and our school management for organizing Bosco week!! 

 Aashmann Savardekar III B


Bosco Week was thoroughly planned with activities highlighting St. John Bosco. The whole week was celebrated online due to the pandemic. Every morning my teacher told us about the exciting events that happened in the life of St. John Bosco. My teacher narrated interesting stories, played videos and hymns. We did worksheets and a quiz to ensure that we had correct information about our patron Saint. I enjoyed solving the online puzzle sent by my teacher. We all loved this week.

Raj Kadam III B


For this whole week we celebrated Bosco Week online. Since we are the students of Don Bosco High School it is important for us to know about our patron saint. Teacher showed us a hymn- ‘We thank you O God for Don Bosco.’ The next day we watched a video about his childhood, his parents and his dream. John Bosco was hardworking and intelligent. He said that by love you can conquer everyone. We watched the hymn ‘Raise Your Voices.’ In this hymn we saw Italy, the birth place of Don Bosco and many more pictures. We did worksheets on him which we decorated and coloured. We highlighted his qualities which we can practice in our lives and did a quiz. Teacher told us a story about his bravery and his love for Mother Mary. She told us about the oratory he made and how he taught skills to the young boys in his care. Finally, we solved a beautiful online puzzle. 

Don Bosco bless us all.

Nuren Shah III B


During Bosco Week held in our school the teachings of Don Bosco are explained to us. Teacher gave us activities and worksheets to do on Don Bosco. We saw a lovely video which gave us information about him. 31st January is celebrated as the feast of Don Bosco.

Anay Anchan III B


As a Salesian School in Matunga, we feel it is really important to celebrate the life of St John Bosco. Due to the Pandemic, COVID-19 it was a virtual celebration.

The celebration began online on 25th January, 2021 and lasted for a whole week. The whole school celebrated the week with a number of online events. We had an activity every day to do based on the life of St. John Bosco. The activities included colouring Don Bosco images, solving a puzzle, answering questions based on his Biography etc. Our teacher also conducted a quiz in a google form based on the life of Don Bosco. Throughout the week the students were enlightened by the sweet effectiveness of Don Bosco’s method through Power Point Presentations and videos based on him.

Our teacher narrated his story every day in parts based on his Life.  The students listened to the stories after the prayer in the online class room with keen interest.

The students understood that the life of the abandoned and poor youngsters had changed because of the privilege they had of living close to Don Bosco and tasting the effectiveness of his teachings. The students gained moral values like honesty, caring, obedience through the stories narrated.

Thank you Teacher Shahnaaz Abbas for helping us to inculcate the values of Don Bosco.

Montes Fernando III B


Don Bosco Week was celebrated from 25th January to 30th January, 2021. We sang hymns to Don Bosco, solved a quiz, worksheets and watched videos on his life story. We learnt the good qualities of our patron and perseverance he laid to achieve his dream. I love him.

Sawant Devansh III A

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