8 December, 2016

 Celebrating those who add meaning to our lives at Don Bosco’s

– Gautam Oberoi


The auspicious programme of the management and the children’s day began on 1st Dec 2016 at 8 in the morning with a bang. There was an amazing backdrop which said “You add meaning to our lives”. You here meant the students of the institution, the entire theme of the programme was to entertain the students and to felicitate the school management.
The first host that nailed the show was Ms Bela. Then there was a short prayer service by Ms Reshma and Ms Lakshmi. There was the lightning of the lamp by the reverend fathers of the school, along with the house captains. There was an amazing speech given by Ms Shahnaz of the primary section, she shared some powerful quotes like “A leader is someone who shows the way, knows the way and goes the way”, “A professional is someone who does the things he likes on the days he doesn’t want to do them”. A scintillating performance by the tiny tots of the primary section with all the dances  and the skits were no less than art to behold. There was a joke session by Ms Elizabeth and her students, who were actually other teachers. The highlight of the  show was the dance session by the teachers as they danced to the musical beats of today’s times and did the oh so famous ‘dab’ for the students.
Next up there was a prize distribution of the certificates of the NCSC science research students who had creditably reached the pre national level. There were also honourable mentions of the school’s swimming champ Rudransh Mishra and also the school cricket team. The programme ended with the Principal’s word.


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