Childrens’ Day Celebration – Contribution from students of Std.IV D & III B
We celebrated Children’s Day with fun filled activities. There was a treat to our eyes – magic show, juggling, games etc. Our teachers sang a melodious song and put up a dance performance for us. I was happy when our teacher mentioned that Don Bosco school is special because of the wonderful children who study here. This day reminded me of Don Bosco’s youthful days when he entertained youngsters with his magic tricks, juggling and walking along a rope in stories narrated by our Class Teacher. Our teachers joyfully reach out to us with goodness and kindness.
– Abhishai Sequeira

I enjoyed every bit of the programme. The magician and juggler entertained us. Our Class teacher gave us a surprise by decorating the class with beautiful charts and quotes. She also played and enjoyed along with us the games conducted in the Gym and Blind fold- Tailing the Cat in class. Each one of us got a chance to tail the cat and the winner of that game was Miransh. We took part in the AVEC Drawing Competition. The topic was Religious Tolerance. I enjoyed and look forward to this celebration once again next year.
– Bryce Kinny

It was a little unusual for me in the traditional outfit, with the Nehru Jacket but it was a privilege to light the lamp along with the Head Teacher and other teachers. I enjoyed the programme and the games that followed were very exciting. I want to thank the teachers for organizing such a wonderful programme for all of us.
– Liam Sequeira

Our classroom was beautifully decorated by our Class Teacher I enjoyed the various activities conducted in class and in the Gym. The best part was to see our teacher be like one of us while playing the games. Teacher explained to us why this day is celebrated. We solved an interesting work-sheet, a puzzle on Chacha Nehru. Thank you to the members of the Management for giving us our favourite Oreo biscuits.
– Jay Topiwala

Children’s Day is always celebrated on the 14th of November. This year too our school organized some fun-filled events to entertain all the boys. Beginning with the grand entrance of the clown, to the suspense of the magic show, we loved it all. Our teachers really got all the students excited. The melodious song sung by our teachers was indeed very touching. Thank you teachers for making us happy.
– Yohann Fernandes

I was very happy when teacher told us that we could wear coloured clothes on Children’s Day. I really appreciate all that our school Management and teachers do for us. We played the game Blind Folded- Tail the Cat. It was so much fun watching the boys enjoy every moment along with our Class Teacher. I enjoyed participating in the AVEC Drawing Competition.
– Eshant Nikam

I enjoyed the Children’s Day programme put up by our wonderful teachers for us. I was happy as I won in the game Blind Folded- Tail the Cat. Teacher gave each and every one a chance to tail the cat. Three boys came in the final round and I was declared the winner. I was happy to receive the gift from my Class Teacher Ms. Kashmira.
– Miransh Sutrave
Every year our teachers take a lot of trouble to put up an interesting Children’s Day function for us. This year it was fantastic as I got a chance to play the game along with my Class Teacher Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues. I was very happy as my peers were cheering our class teacher and me. We enjoyed playing the game together. The day ended with a packet of Oreo biscuits for each and everyone.
– Vihaan Chavan

We were really looking forward to Children’s Day. Our teachers always plan something special for us. This time too our teachers sang a song for us and the KG teachers danced. The juggler and magician performed for us. We enjoyed the games. We were very happy throughout this day.
– David D`Souza

Children’s day is the birthday of Chacha Nehru. A juggler did juggling and balancing acts for us. The magician performed many magic tricks. We had worn coloured clothes. We had a lot of fun.
– Aryl D`Souza

Children’s Day in school was a lot of fun. We came in colourful clothes. My teacher put our photographs on the board. There was a juggler and a magician. We played games. Teacher gave us our favourite biscuits as a treat. The teachers sang a song and danced for us.
– Peter Arockiaselvam

We were excited to know what was planned for us on Children’s Day in school. Our teachers sang a song and the KG teachers put up a dance. We were glued to the magician`s tricks. He took out a rat from a hat and a pigeon from a photograph. In class there was a surprise for us. Teacher had displayed our photographs and planned a game. We did a worksheet and our school management gave us our favourite biscuits.
– Mohammed Ibrahim Shaikh

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