Choral Recitation

I was very excited to participate in the Choral Recitation Competition this year, because as it is the last year for me, in the Primary Section.

When the practices began, we were all a bit nervous, because we did not know the poem well. After several practices, we grew in confidence. Ms. Kashmira, our class teacher, selected an excellent poem for us ‘The Dancing Shoes by Rhea Kumar’ and she taught us very well with expression, diction and voice modulation.  She also showed us two important  actions, to go with the poem. I was very happy to do the introduction for this beautiful poem. We all worked hard, to learn and practiced the poem. We gave our best on the day of the Choral Recitation. We were the last team to perform on stage. Even the judges said that our class performed well.

When Head Teacher announced our class IV D as the winners, we were all very happy, because we worked hard for it and made our class teacher proud. We clicked a photograph on stage along with the judges, the Head Teacher and our Class Teacher. I will remember this wonderful day and miss it as I will be leaving this school and joining another school in Nashik in the next academic year.

Liam Sequeira IV D



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