“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” – D R. Seuss
I enjoyed the online Christmas celebration. It was fun. I liked the nativity video showed by my Teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the guessing game played with my friends. Merry Christmas!
Kaden Dias

I had great fun during the Online Christmas celebration. I loved playing the game in which I also got to learn about the Christmas symbols.
Pravin Nadar

Today the online Christmas celebration was so much fun. We all were in coloured clothes. Guessing game was the best part of the celebration. I enjoyed watching the videos and danced with fun.
Abhyukt Redij

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded!
Students prepared the best 3D Snowman by using the waste materials in an innovative way. Initially, I didn’t know what to do. I thought the competition was difficult. But then, out of many ideas, I came up with an idea which was easy. Then when I noticed I could do it, I loved the competition.
Ekaansh Trasi

Making a snowman out of waste materials was fun. I used a scrapped coconut for the head of snowman, washing soap bottle for body of my snowman, old dupatta as scarf of the snowman and old red sketch pen for nose. I enjoyed this activity so much.
Dwayne Monteiro

Sweets are my favourite and I made the best use of the sweet box by using it as the body of my snowman, ice cream sticks as hands of my snowman. I had fun participating in this competition.
Vineet Monteiro

I like snowman very much. I enjoyed making the 3D Snowman. I was happy to see different models of snowman prepared by my friends.
Daksh Dansingh

Today I made a 3D Snowman during the online class. It was fun as well as a new learning for me to make the best snowman out of the waste materials. Teacher motivated all of us during the competition.
Panchal Aaditya

I enjoyed participating in the Christmas symbol competition held today. It was so much fun to prepare the model. Teacher appreciated all of us.
Yash Jain





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