Christmas Festive Week

A time for Giving

We celebrated Christmas Festive Week from 9th December to 14th December. We the boys of 4D enjoyed all the activities conducted in class. Singing Christmas Carols, colouring activity work-sheets with puzzles and quizzes, making a santa card for our friendsand also practicing for our last Cultural day in the primary section.

Rudra Gupta IV D

Christmas is the time for giving and this was well explained by our teacher.we generously contributed articles like towels, bedsheets, jams, sauces etc for the poor and unfortunate children. Teacher made us say a short prayer for these children daily and then collected the items from us in class. She also maintains a record of the same on a name list.

Jay Topiwala IV D

This year I decided to be Santa Claus for the poor and needy children. I saved my pocket money and purchased a few articles which I had to bring to school. I bought five tooth-brushes and a twin pack of colgate tooth-paste. I am very happy that I will bring a smile on the face of some poor kids.

SakshantKadam IV D

Christmas Festive Week began on 9th December, 2019. We began the day by singing Christmas Carols.I learnt more about the birth of Jesus. Many activities were organized by our teacher. We gave gifts for the needy. It was a lovely week.

Aric Arulselvam III B

I love Christmas because Santa brings me gifts. During Christmas Festive Week we sang Christmas Carols every morning. We brought toileteries, stationery and linen for the needy. We did a lot of activities. I enjoyed Christmas Festive Week.

Daniel Pereira III B

During Christmas Festive week I took part in all the fun activities done in class. I enjoyed the Christmas carols sung daily in the morning. We brought things for the needy to class such as soaps, towels, notebooks, bedsheets, jam, sauce and pickles. Unfortunately the week got over soon because it could not last forever. Fr. Rector gave us a nice talk about St. Nicholas, his last Morning talk for the year 2019.

David D`souza III B

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