Christmas Field Trip Std I D

Lights of Christmas around the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna!
Today we had the Christmas virtual field trip. I enjoyed the virtual visit to the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna, Matunga. I liked the three kings giving gifts to baby Jesus and the sheep around the baby. I thank my school for giving us this joyous experience. –Ansh Gujarathi I D

Today our teacher showed us a beautiful video which made us the feel the Christmas scene. I enjoyed the virtual field trip. I missed being physically present at the shrine. I think it would have been more fun with my teachers and friends in school. I hope and wish next year we all will be together in school to enjoy the celebrations and the field trips. – Daksh Dansingh I D
Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t go for the field trip but our Teachers took all the efforts totake us on a virtual field trip which was so much fun. I got to see the beautiful crib in the church and also the Christmas decorations all over the church. Thank you, Teacher, for all your efforts. – Ayaan Simoes I D
I liked the video shown by our teacher. Christmas virtual field trip made me see the birth of Jesus. I liked the decorations that were there for Christmas.
-Daksh Chavan I D

I enjoyed the virtual visit to the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. It was decorated beautifully. I prayed to baby Jesus to take away this pandemic situation soon. Wishing my teachers and classmates a wonderful year ahead. -Wayne Monteiro I D
We had a virtual field trip to the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. I liked watching the video, it was fun. I liked the decorations because they were very colorful. – Kaden Dias I D
The online Christmas field trip was a good experience. I felt happy to see the church and the school building. Thank you. – HridhaanManiar I D
I loved the video showed by our teacher. The Christmas field trip was so much fun. We also felt sad for not being able to visit the church due to this pandemic. -Aarav Singh I D
Today we had our virtual Christmas field trip. I really felt happy to see baby Jesus. Watching the video made me happy. – Pravin Nadar I D

Std: III
“Christmas is the season of joy.”
December arrived like every year we take a tour of our school and the church to see the Christmas decorations and the beautiful crib, I thought this year due to the lockdown we will miss the same but to my surprise our teachers, Principal and the Head teacher arranged the trip virtually. The school and the Don Bosco Shrine were beautifully decorated with stars, lights and a huge Christmas tree with gifts was placed outside the church compound and the graceful crib inside the church. It was a joyful experience and it made my day.
Clyde Mendonca III A

Christmas, the birthday day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Once again it was celebrated with joy and happiness. This year due to pandemic, we were missing the visit to Don Bosco Church but our school organised the visit virtually and we were very excited to see the church after a long time. We felt the excitement from the entrance of the church. The whole church and the X-mas tree was decorated with colourful lights, stars, bells and other decorative items. The most attractive and catchy point of the church was the beautiful crib. It was prepared at its original place. Visit to the church brought peace and happiness in all of us. It was actually a blessed day.
David Rezin III A

We had a virtual Christmas Field Trip today. We watched a video of our school and saw the crib. The Church was decorated beautifully. I enjoyed the session but I miss going to school.
MalharGargote III D

The Christmas field trip was fun. I liked the crib and all lovely decorations in the Church. The video was very nice and I enjoyed a virtual tour of the Church. I felt like I was a part of all the festivities and it was enriching.
KiaanShetye III D

Today, I woke up early in the morning and got ready for my Christmas Field Trip. This is the first time when we are not in school to celebrate Christmas. I missed all the fun. But yet I was happy after watching the video. Thank you, teachers.
Sky Mohite III D

Today, we enjoyed our online Christmas field trip. l am fortunate to visit Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna virtually. Thanks to our teachers.
SaranshDhere III D

Today, our teacher showed us a video on Christmas field trip. After a long time, I got a chance to see our school. I was excited. The decoration was done beautifully.
Sujeet Pawde III D

Today we enjoyed ‘Virtual Christmas Field Trip’. Our teacher showed a nice video of our school. We saw a decorated Christmas tree 🌲 and a crib. I liked

the Christmas tree. We felt that we were in school. I enjoyed it very much.
Vihaan Tawde III D

Hello everyone,
Today on 9th January 2021, Teacher showed us a very lovely video of our school church. It was decorated beautifully. On 25th December Lord Jesus Christ was born and so we celebrate this day as Christmas. We saw baby Jesus in the crib, Mother Mary, shepherds with their sheep. I loved the video very much. Thank you, Teacher, for showing us this beautiful video.
Aakash Chaskar III D

Today was our Christmas Field Trip. Our teachers showed us a nice video of our Don Bosco Church with pictures of Baby Jesus and the crib. Our school was decorated with stars and lights. I liked the crib inside the Church. At the end teacher told us to ask Baby Jesus what we want or wish and to pray for all.
Zeeshan Sayed III D

On 9th January, 2021 Don Bosco Primary School had organized Virtual Christmas Field trip. We all were excited for the virtual field trip. The trip began with a video presented by Ms. Sonia on birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God! Baby Jesus was laid in a manger by Mother Mary and there were shepherds, angels all around singing carols and hymns. There were animals like donkeys, cows, and sheep watching over the Holy Family. We saw our school building and church and I was mesmerized to see the decoration of our school building and the church. Hats off to the school staff to put in so much effort for the decoration and making the school look like Heaven.

Special thanks to our Principal Fr. Bernard, Rector Fr. Crispino,Head teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and all the wonderful staff of Don Bosco Primary School. You are always trying to give your best and put a smile on students’ faces.
Rithvik Shenoy III C
Before starting today’s session teacher told us that she is going to show us a video. I thought that it may be like any normal video, but I was overjoyed when I saw my school fully decorated for Christmas celebrations, my school church with Christmas tree and beautiful lights. My school premise was also well decorated. I really missed my school especially on Christmas day. Thank you, teacher and head teacher, for organising virtual Christmas Field Trip.
Advait Gawde III C

“The Spirit of Christmas is always alive.”
Today we had our Online Christmas Field Trip. Our teacher told us about the video she was going to show us. It was made in our school church where we often go to pray. The church was decorated beautifully. We saw baby Jesus in the crib, Mother Mary and Joseph. There was hay, shepherds and sheep. There was a shining star too. I liked the video very much and prayed to lord Jesus to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Nuren Shah III B

There was an Online Christmas Field Trip today. After a long time, we saw the church through the online mode. Our teacher spoke to us about the spirit of Christmas and the story of Jesus` birth. It was a great experience but we miss going to school. I pray that this lockdown ends and we start school soon.
KiaanKeer IIIB

Virtual Christmas Field Trip – Std. IV
“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality.”
We were invited for a virtual Christmas Field trip by our Class Teacher. I was amazed of this idea and could not hold on with my emotions. Entering our Don Bosco Matunga Church after 8 months brought back all the fond memories. The church was beautifully decorated with lights of hope. We were shown the crib where baby Jesus was placed in the shed. Christmas carols created the prayerful atmosphere. Our class teacher asked us to whisper a short prayer before Baby Jesus. Thank you, Teachers, for this unique experience.
HaumalsawmKhuptong IV A

The Virtual Christmas field trip organized today gave us a real-life experience of visiting a church and witnessing the whole story of birth of Jesus. I really enjoyed it. The Christmas carols were beautifully played at the background. Thank you, teachers, for this visit. It meant a lot to us.
Arnav Bakshi IVA

I love my school for many reasons but one of the things I am proud of is our beautiful Don Bosco Shrine at the entrance which stands tall and bright always. It gives me a feeling that God watches us closely, blesses us every day and takes care of each one of us day in and day out. All places of worship always make us feel positive and hopeful but on the festival days the whole atmosphere in and around is just so wonderful with decorations and happy with joyful people. The Don Bosco Shrine is a sight to see on Christmas and New Year. This time of the year it shines like the star Venus. It is decorated from top to bottom, inside out and with colourful lights and shiny shimmery decorative materials. We have wonderful flower decorations and the manger with Baby Jesus, Mother Mary and the shepherds. Every year we visit the Shrine for our Christmas Field trip. This year we just watched a short video online. But I did visit the Shrine on 25th December Christmas Day at 11.30 p.m. with my parents. The gates were closed and no one was allowed in due to the pandemic. But I could see the decorations done outside the Shrine premises. The church was lit with coloured lights, a Christmas tree and lot of gifts under it, the front gate had a huge board of Merry Christmas and all sorts of sparkling Christmas symbols. Christmas in Mumbai can never be complete without a visit to this amazing Shrine. My great grandfather, my grandfather, my parents always visit the Shrine every year and especially during Christmas. And now, I feel blessed to be a part of the Don Bosco family and to continue my family tradition.
RushaanMarolikar IV D

Today on 9th January Kashmira Teacher took us on a virtual Christmas Field Trip. She showed us a video of our very own Don Bosco Shrine. The church entrance was decorated with Christmas decorations. Inside the stain glass windows and pictures made it look so pretty. Due to corona, we saw that there were no visitors in the church and the benches were all empty. Our Class Teacher also gave us some information about the Shrine. The Field trip was educative and a prayerful one as we spent a minute in silent prayer.
RohaanElavia IV D

Today we had a very beautiful visit to the Shrine of Don Bosco to pray to God on the occasion of Christmas. My favourite festival. The Shrine was beautifully decorated with lights and candles and what a divine experience it was….as if the Lord himself had descended and come to accept our prayers and bless us and tell us that he is always there to protect all of us. It gave me great joy to be there and feel his Divine presence.
Ishaan Aiyer IV D

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