Christmas Field Trip Std I D

Lights of Christmas around the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna!
Today we had the Christmas virtual field trip. I enjoyed the virtual visit to the
Shrine of Don Dosco’s Madonna, Matunga. I liked the three kings giving gifts
to baby Jesus and the sheep around the baby. Thanks to my school for giving us
this joyous experience. –Ansh Gujarathi I D

Today our teacher showed us a beautiful video which gave us the feel of the
Christmas scene. I enjoyed the virtual field trip. I missed being physically
present at the shrine. I think it would have been more fun with my teachers and
friends in school. I hope and wish next year we all will be together in school to
enjoy the celebrations and the field trips.- Daksh Dansingh I D

Due to the pandemic we couldn’t go for the field trip but our Teachers took all
the efforts to take us on a virtual field trip which was so much fun. I got to see
the beautiful crib in the church and also the Christmas decorations all over the
church. Thank youTeacher for all your efforts. – Ayaan Simoes I D

I liked the video shown by the teacher. Christmas virtual field trip made me see
the birth of Jesus. I liked the decorations made for the Christmas.
-Daksh Chavan I D

I enjoyed the virtual visit to the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. It was
decorated beautifully. I prayed to baby Jesus to take away this pandemic
situation soon. Wishing my teachers and classmates a wonderful year ahead. –
Wayne Monteiro I D

We had a virtual field trip to the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. I liked
watching the video, it was fun. I liked the decorations because they were very
colourful. – Kaden Dias I D

The online Christmas field trip was a good experience. I felt happy to see the
church and the school building. Thank you. – Hridhaan Maniar I D

I loved the video showed by the teacher. The Christmas field trip was so much
fun. We also felt sad for not being able to visit the church due to this pandemic.-
Aarav Singh I D

Today we had our virtual Christmas field trip. I really felt happy to see baby
Jesus. Watching the video made me happy. – Pravin Nadar I D

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