“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”

Today there was a Christmas party and I enjoyed it a lot. We played a game – guess the picture and we had to name the Christmas Symbol. Next we saw a video on nativity. Teacher also presented a dance video where 2 boys from each class of class 3 performed.

Royston Lobo III C


On 19th December 2020 Don Bosco Primary School arranged an Online Christmas party. We all were very excited about the Christmas celebration. The session started with Christmas carols and after that we all played online Christmas guessing game which was followed by a Polka dance performed by our classmates. It was very an amazing party. Hats off to the teacher who arranged the dance performance and kept the festive cheer flowing throughout.

Special thanks to our head teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and the entire teacher’s and faculty of Don Bosco Primary school to bring the festive cheer online this year.

Rithvik Shenoy III C


Today we attended a beautiful Christmas symposium programme virtually. All the boys were present in coloured clothes and were excited. We were singing Christmas carols and playing games. Few boys of Std.3 and I performed a polka dance, which our class teacher had taught us. We enjoyed the class very much and had fun.

Nathan Worlikar III C


Today we had virtual Christmas celebration. It was fun. We played many games. We missed the school Christmas celebration. I hope that Santa will fulfill our wish to celebrate next year’s Christmas party in the school with our principal, teachers and friends.

Paris More III C


It is said that, “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.” We the students of the Primary section had this feeling of joy and peace in us as we celebrated the festival virtually.  We enjoyed playing the game and singing carols in the Christmas week. We also enjoyed the nativity and the polka dance video. I would like to thank my teacher and the Head Teacher.

Jonathan Ryan   III A


We enjoyed all the aspects of our Christmas Week. Like the icing on the cake was our Virtual Christmas Celebration. Christmas Week worksheets were real fun. 

We enjoyed the Christmas Week very much. 

Ambar Annarkar  III A


“Christmas is not so much about opening presents, as opening our hearts.”

 Christmas Week was celebrated online. It was a week of interesting Christmas related activities. There were worksheets, competitions, carols and more. But today was the most fun as for the Christmas symposium my school mates enacted the story of the birth of Jesus Christ online and my teacher patiently paused the video and explained it to us. I was a part of the Polka dance along with my friends. There was a lovely online Christmas game too. Finally, with Merry Christmas wishes we ended our celebration happily. 

Kiaan Keer  III B


The Christmas week was conducted online for us. It began with a paragraph writing about Christmas. There were lovely worksheets with beautiful pictures to colour and puzzles and word searches to solve. We enjoyed listening and singing the carols that teacher played for us every day. We enjoyed making Santa Claus and our own Christmas tree which we did creatively.  During the Christmas symposium I saw my own batch mates enacting the story of Jesus Christ`s birth. They also sang the carols and danced gracefully. 

Every year in school we give gifts to the needy. Our teacher explained very beautifully that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. I want to be a Santa Claus this year and reach out to someone in need or help. Thankyou Shahnaaz Abbas teacher for inculcating the values of sharing and giving in us at such a young age.

Montes Fernando III B


Even though we did not have school this year due to the pandemic, our teachers put in a lot of effort to conduct Christmas Week online. We had different activities every day and a Christmas Symbol competition too. Teacher told us the importance of Christmas. The reindeer, Santa Claus and the Nativity were a beautiful experience. All this left us with a message- “May the melody and spirit of Christmas bring love and peace to all.” It is a time of giving and sharing. It is a time of loving and forgiving.

Raj Kadam III B 


 Today we had an online Christmas Symposium. We were allowed to wear colourful clothes preferably the Christmas colours like red and green and a Santa Claus cap if we had one. Our teacher told us the importance of Christmas. Every day of this Christmas Week she played carols for us which I really enjoyed. The Christmas symbol Competition of creating a 3D Christmas Tree was fun. Teacher gave us Christmas worksheets with interesting activities to do. We also wrote a paragraph about Christmas. We watched a polka dance video with boys from our class. We played a Christmas game which I liked very much. My teacher told us that Christmas spreads the message of love, peace and caring.

Nuren Shah III B


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