“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
– Helen Steiner

Today we had a unique Christmas online celebration. This was surely a memorable one as it was a virtual celebration. I enjoyed every activity that was organized for us. From starting with a video of birth of Baby Jesus, polka dance, making of Christmas tree craft activity and an amazing game of guessing Christmas food was something great. Thank you teachers for this meaningful celebration.
MeeRaj Soman IV A

Throughout this week we had a grand Christmas celebration. As we are preparing for the birth of Baby Jesus, our teacher had conducted various activities for us which made the celebration more meaningful. I think now we are all prepared to welcome our King in our midst. Thank you Head teacher and teachers for giving this wonderful experience. We are grateful to you all.
Haumalsawm Khuptong IV A

Various activities was held throughout this Christmas week. I personally was wondering how teachers could make it possible in this given pandemic situation. But cheers to all the teachers who made it unique by organizing various activities for us. We were also in coloured clothes and Santa cap to get the feeling of Christmas around us. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to our management and teachers.
Aagney Vijayan IV A

Christmas In Our Hearts!
Merry Christmas 2020 !!!We at Don Bosco have had an awesome year. A year where we not only learnt our lessons through online sessions but also not to lose hope and to fight against all odds. We adhered to the syllabus just as in normal school, learning that we can study systematically if we have the desire to learn in whatever situations. And lastly hard-work and dedication pay off, if one has the right intent. My teachers have put in lots of efforts as they wanted us to keep going in these situations and we just followed their instructions throughout and look how we sailed through 2020. Don Bosco has taught me to be positive, hopeful and face all situations bravely.
On the last day of 2020 online school was our Christmas party, Kashmira teacher leaves no stone unturned whether its studies or celebrations she puts in her 100% just so that we have a complete experience of schooling in these covid times. We were excited to dress up with our party clothes and most of us had donned the Santa caps. Teacher too had some Santa decorations at her house so when we looked at her screen we felt like we are in a party and not at a study session, to add to that I got some cakes, sweets and wafers just as we do in school. We viewed the Nativity video, we played games and had lots of fun. Savio Sir made us play our favourite game – ‘Move and Freeze’ and later we all danced too. We wanted to keep dancing, I also sang ‘Feliz Navidad’ for my friends and my dear Teacher as I really wanted to wish all of them ‘A Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. This was the best party and best way to end the year 2020.
Thank you Kashmira Teacher for making 2020 a positive and happy year for all of us. Happy New Year to you and everyone at Don Bosco.
Rushaan Marolikar IV D

We the boys of Don Bosco had an exciting and enjoyable online Christmas party. I enjoyed playing the game- Guess the Christmas Food. The boys of
Std. II performed the Nativity and Polka Dance. We boys enjoyed dancing and singing Christmas Carols
Royden Koli IV D
Today during the online class we celebrated Christmas party. We wore colorful clothes and Santa cap. During the Christmas Festive Week we had fun filled activities like card making, decorating the wreath and a Christmas Tree. Thank you dear teacher for all that you do for us. We miss our school because we could not enjoy the games we play at the Christmas Panorama.
Vihaan Charaniya IV D

Teacher showed us interesting videos of Christmas Carols. She explained us the importance of this festival and why we need to celebrate Christmas in our hearts. We were dressed in our Christmas attire and really enjoyed the Christmas Party. Thank you Kashmira teacher for organizing such a lovely and amazing Christmas online party. Wish you a Merry Christmas dear teacher.
Jaccob Singh IV D

Today 19th December 2020, we the boys of Don Bosco Primary section had a Virtual online Christmas Celebration. Our Class teacher Mrs. Pearl Lobo explained the importance of this festival and later presented a video on the Christmas Symposium and The Polka dance. I was very excited because we were asked to wear party clothes and Santa cap. Our teacher played the Jingle bell carol and asked us to dance which many of us did. We wished our teacher and our friends “Merry Christmas”. It was a fun filled session.
Atharva Matkar 1V C

Today we had an online Christmas party. During the session our teacher explained the significance of this festival which the Christians celebrate every year. The teacher presented the Christmas Symposium, the Polka dance, a game was conducted where we had to guess the Christmas food item. Later the teacher played a Christmas carol and many of us enjoyed dancing to that carol. It was an enjoyable Christmas party which will be cherished in my heart. Thank you teacher for this amazing online celebration.
Angelo D’Souza IV C

We the boys of Don Bosco Primary Section had our online Christmas celebration on 19th December 2020. We were asked to wear party clothes which added to our excitement. We watched the nativity video, the Polka dance and played a game. Later our teacher played the Jingle bell carol and we danced joyfully. At the end of the session we wished our teachers and friends “ Merry Christmas”. It was truly a wonderful session.
Vihan Parab IV C



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