Class 2 D students react to their school picnic

On 25th July I went to Kidzania with my classmates and our teachers. This indoor theme park takes the children through real life activities. There were so many activities that I was confused from where to start.  The activities, to name a few, were fly a plane, move in a fire-engine, driving cars, serving….The currency of our country is the rupee and the currency at Kidzania is Kidzos. We learnt to earn and spend at the same time. It was a memorable experience.

-Arnav Singh II D

Hip Hip Hurray my first visit to Kidzania and a memorable one too. Learning was so much fun I was exposed to so many activities and I enjoyed making a donut. Picnic is always fun and the most awaited time of the year.

-Vivan Selvakumar II D

When we got the circular about our picnic to Kidzania the whole class was excited. Our class teacher Ms. Kashmira accompanied us and we really had a lot of fun. I enjoyed driving a car and visited the aviation department. My friends said that I looked smart in a pilot’s uniform. I am thankful to the members of the management, teachers and staff of Kidzania for making our picnic a memorable one for us.

-Saarth Surve II D

Kidzania is a wonderful place where they teach young children and take them on a trip to learn the work done by a construction worker, a fire-fighter, a policeman….We were made to wear several uniforms and play several roles. It was truly a wonderful opportunity to live and experience the life of our community helpers.

-Ishaan Aiyer II D

I was eagerly awaiting my annual school picnic but it came to me as a surprise when teacher announced it in the month of July. Kidzania was the perfect place to go. The educational activities kept us entertained the entire day. I drove a Maruti Suzuki car and got a license and enjoyed sitting in the cockpit of an airplane. I got a hands-on experience to make chocos and bottling of coca-cola. I also learnt about mutual funds in the L&T Financial Services. So many activities under one roof! I will remember this picnic all my life.

-Pranav Suresh Kumar II D

My trip to Kidzania was fun-filled with the indoor activities which I enjoyed and I want to say a big thank-you to the management and staff for arranging this picnic for us. It was one of the happiest days of my life and I will always cherish its fond memories.

-Javin Anton Joseph II D

I was very excited to visit Kidzania along with my classmates. I want to be a pilot when I grow up and it was a dream come true. I learnt to use money wisely. I enjoyed the pav-bhaji and noodles served for lunch. I will always remember this picnic. Thank you teachers for taking us to this amazing place.

– Jinang Jhaveri II D

Picnic day is one of my favourite school days and this is one thing I check once I get my hand book at the beginning of the year. I am happy as I got to explore the place and have fun with my friends. Thank-you Don Bosco for giving me fun-filled moments and stories to share about this amazing place.

-Rushaan Marolikar II D

I was very excited to visit Kidzania. I got up early that morning packed my bag and went to school. We were given fifty kidzos, the currency we need to spend at Kidzania. We learnt to spend and earn kidzos, visit to the stock exchange was a learning experience. I learnt to make chocolates. Memories of this picnic will last a life time.

-Rion Serrao II D

The entire Primary Section went to Kidzania for a picnic. We enjoyed singing songs with our teacher in the bus. We were given snacks in the bus which were very yummy. The activites in Kidzania were very interesting and I enjoyed each one of them. I earned Kidzos for doing work which made me feel very happy. We all enjoyed our picnic and told our class teacher that we would be happy to visit the place again.

-Daniel Pereira II D

25th July, 2018 was the best day of my life. I visited this place for the first time. This theme park has many activities for the children. I earned ninety-seven kidzos. I love my school for taking us to such a lovely place.

-Sayhan Khan II D


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