Class Picnic to KidZania

We were all very excited on the day of our annual class picnic.We had carried with us refreshments for the journey .We were getting ready to learn and explore at this wonderful place called Kidzania. Kidzania offers really good experiences which are fun and educational.Some of these included the Parle factory, a fire station, an airport and many other exciting jobs. We learnt a lot when we participated in the various activities. We also earned a salary in Kidzos, the Kidzaniacurrency. We opened bank accounts there in our names. At the end of the day though we were tired we had a lot of happy stories to tell and many wonderful memories to keep.

-David D`Souza 3 B

We the students of the Primary School went to Kidzania for our class picnic. On the bus we sang songs. We were very excited on reaching there. Before entering a tracker was fastened to our wrist. I loved the place because I could role play a pilot and fly a plane, a fireman and put out fires, a chef and a mechanic. We ate delicious lunch. We returned back happy and tired. I enjoyed my class picnic and am looking forward to another one.

-Daniel Pereira 3 B

We went for our Class Picnic to Kidzania on 21st August, 2019. I was very excited. I learnt the importance of hard work as we were asked to work to gain kidzos. The more you work, the more you earn. I tried my level best to earn a lot of kidzos by visiting different centres. It was a memorable day indeed!


Entertainment and Excitement are the two words that says about my class picnic. Usually I get up late in the morning but I couldn’t sleep on my picnic day and I got up very early. I was eagerly waiting to reach Kidzania. It was a safe, unique and interactive and educational place. It also provides learning through role playing. After visiting ‘Airplane Simulator’ I have decided to become a pilot in future. It was a day of fun and frolic.

-Hrimannya Gupta 3A

I was thrilled to enter Kidzania, an enclosed and child friendly centre. The world looked different for me on my picnic day. I explored each and every centre at Kidzania. I learnt about many occupations through learning by doing. I also had a good time with my friends. It was one of the best picnic ever.

-Harry Louie 3A

Art Attack Day
We celebrated Art Attack Day on 19thAugust, 2019. We learnt about different methods of colouring. We created a beautiful art with a Cotton bud. It developed our imagination and creativity. We also took part in the drawing competition enthusiastically. It was a day of colours and shapes.

-Ezekiel Gomes 3A

Drawing Competition was conducted on Art Attack Day. Our teachers had given us a note well in advance regarding the topics of Drawing Competition for us to practice. Our topic was Village Scenery. My parents and my teachers encouraged me and I practiced daily. I drew a colourful and lively picture. I won the third place in the Drawing Competition. I learnt that “Hard work pays off’. My class teacher awarded me with a certificate.

-Haumalsawm Khuptong 3A

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