Come and experience the thrills of our English Literary Club

-Malcolm Monserrate (Std. 5 A)

 The English Literary Club is a club where you get to learn about the different poems, the poets, stories, report writing and lots more. The students meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month in class 9 C. The session starts at 4.00 pm and ends at 5.00 pm. After school on a tiring Monday we don’t feel tired as the class is made very interesting by teachers like Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Marossa. Initially I was not so keen in joining this club but after I got through the elimination round of the interschool elocution competition I felt I need to join as it would enhance my knowledge in English and would increase my vocabulary which would help me in my growing years. I’m sure just like me all my colleagues are happy to be a part of this club as the manner in which the matter is taught is put forth in a very meticulous and interesting way. During one of the sessions what interested me is the story of “Edward Lear” the poet of the poem The Owl and the Pussy Cat which I had narrated and won the ‘Best Orator Award’. Nothing can stop us and specially me if you have good mentors – and we do have them in our teachers – to guide us. My sincere thanks to the Management for starting this club for students and giving us a platform to tap our potentials. Hence, I request you dear friends better late than never – join this club and feel the difference!


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