Creative Craft Day

Std II A

Creativity is contagious…pass it on – Einstein

During the Creative Craft Day today, the craft teacher helped us make a beautiful bird mobile. Our class teacher, Ms. Vailena, explained the meaning of ‘mobile’ in Craft. She also explained the importance of craft – it helps us understand concepts in Maths, like shapes, sizes, etc. It helps in developing our fine motor skills, improves our concentration and creativity and also brings us joy and happiness. It was an interesting craft day.
– Benjamin Philip

We had Creative Craft Day on 28.10.2020. It was fun! Teacher taught us how to make a mobile bird hanging. We had to keep our paper cut-outs and all material ready. ‘Mobile hanging’ was a new word that we learnt. We also got to know the importance of Craft. It helps bring out the creativity and imagination within us. It teaches us shapes, sizes, colour co-ordination and also increases our vocabulary. Had a good time learning on my own.
– Caden Cardoz

During today’s class, the teacher of Std I B showed us how to make birds hanging from a cloud using many shapes like circles, triangles, etc.
Our class teacher told us that this bird hanging is also called a mobile. She even showed us a video on how to make dinosaurs out of paper plates but I made a paper cup fan.
I enjoyed today’s craft class and I loved making birds of different sizes.
– Lemuel Fernandes

Today, Teacher taught us how to make paper birds hanging from a cloud. I made it and hung it on a wall in my house. Whenever the wind blows, it looks as if the birds are flying. I also showed it to my friends staying near-by. I was very happy and enjoyed my class a lot.
– Shajwin Israyalraj

I was very excited as it was our Creative Craft Day. For this ‘day’ we were instructed to keep all our cut-outs and materials ready. We made a smiling cloud and birds hanging from it. We were told by our class teacher that it is called a MOBILE. After it was completed, it looked so beautiful that I felt very happy. Our teacher also taught us the importance of Craft. It helps us identify shapes, colours and textures. She also informed us how craft helps us relax when we are stressed or bored.
– Khamliangthang Khuptong

We were taught to make a bird hanging from a cloud in a very easy way. It is a beautiful hanging piece. I was very happy because I made it all by myself.
Thank you, Teacher.
– Shreejan Nadar

Today was Creative Craft Day. We made a beautiful cloud with birds hanging down from it. Our Class Teacher also explained the importance of Craft and how it helps us cheer up and forget all stress. Teacher also shared some craft videos with us. We enjoyed this day a lot.
– Ved Nagaonkar

Besides learning how to make a cloud mobile, I learnt many things today. Our class teacher, Ms. Vailena Dsouza explained what a mobile means in Craft. She also told us that craft strengthens our eye-hand co-ordination.
Thank you, Ms. Vailena, for your guidance.
– Dipanshu Kumar

I learnt the importance of Craft today. It helps in keeping our mind fresh. I made a cloud with birds hanging from it.
– Namah Gopreddy

Today, we had Creative Craft Day organized by our school. Ms. Ranjana taught us to make a paper bird hanging. We used paper cut-outs in the shape of triangles, circles, etc. I learnt to make something new, which was creatively amazing. Thank you, Ms. Vailena. I liked and enjoyed doing the activity.
– Alexander Lemuel

Std II D
Craft is fun, craft is happiness.
Creative craft day was real fun. I enjoyed a lot in today’s class by making beautiful cloud craft with colourful birds shown by our craft teacher. Thanks to the teachers for making our session full of fun.
– Aniket Nayak

I made a bird wall hanging with beautiful birds. I really enjoyed making it. Thank you teacher for arranging this creative day for us.
– Aditya Khare

Another fun creative day! I really enjoyed and loved making birds wall hanging. Day by day, I am getting more interested in craft and it helps me to identify the shapes and colors.
– Harshiv Hadpi

Today we had Creative Craft Day in Google meet classroom. The craft activity was making paper birds wall hanging and this activity was very well taught by the craft teacher. I was very happy to do this activity. For this activity we used a cutout of cardboard, circles, small triangle etc.
– Swayam Churmure

Knowledge gained by creative art.
We celebrated our Creative Craft Day today. Our teacher taught us to make a cloud and birds .I enjoyed making the birds and they looked so beautiful. I was very happy doing it. I got creative ideas to make things more creative and attractive. I will make more other creative things to make my home look more beautiful.
Thank You Teacher for teaching us creative ideas on the Creative Craft Day.
– Rushil Gangurde

I was very excited and wondering what we were going to do with the cutouts of circles and triangles. Finally the cut outs became small birds and we made a wall hanging. It was very creative and this is the most enjoyable creative craft day in my online class. I taught my little sister too.
– Assisi Kevin

I learnt how to make a paper bird and cloud. I painted the dinosaurs green and blue, it was good experience to make crafts articles. I liked it so much.
– Harsh Nawale

I had fun while cutting the circles and triangles. It was an amazing activity. I liked the craft activity very much. This activity gave me confidence to make a lantern for Diwali.
– Arnav Bordavekar

Today we had Creative Craft Day. It was a fun – filled day. I enjoyed a lot making a bird wall hanging. The birds looked very colourful. I liked the day very much.
– Aaron Ullenga

Yesterday I was very happy because we had Creative Craft Day. I enjoyed myself so much doing craft articles. I learned to make birds and also decorated the cloud with a big smile. I also tried other craft articles like birds, fan cups and a dinosaur.
– Amit Paradeshi


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