Creative Craft Day

There is no greater joy in life than the joy of creating something.

Creative Craft Day was organized for the students of the primary section. I was very excited to learn something new. We learnt how to make a jumping frog. It was really a fun-filled activity. I hope teacher conducts more fun activities for us. Thank you teacher.

David D’souza IVA


Today was yet another exciting day. We learnt how to make a jumping frog. It was so much fun to make it. Our teacher taught us in a very simple way. She brought out the creativity in us. It was an amazing experience for me. Thank you Ms. Ranjana and Ms. Mural.

Keith Saldanha IVA


We celebrated Creative Craft Day today. We learnt how to make a jumping, dancing frog. It was indeed a superb activity. It was very well explained by

Ms. Ranjana. I actively participated and created my own.

Saniel Pandit  IVA


It was a day filled with fun. Creative Craft Day helped me to explore new things. Apart from learning how to make a jumping frog, teacher had posted videos of other activities which was really interesting. I made an angry bird using coconut shells. I enjoyed making it on my own.

Jayden Fernandes  IVA


Today in creative craft day we learned how to make a bobble head frog.  We used material like strips of paper, squares, circles and googly eyes. Joining the long strips into a ball shape, we made the body of the frog. We made an oval shaped head and gave it a crown and collar too. The frog stood on its legs and it was fun to bounce it around. Creative craft day taught me a lot and was super fun. Thank you Miss Pearl and Miss Kashmira.

Rohaan Elavia IV D


Creative craft day was a day filled with many activities organized by our teachers. I was very excited to make the Angry Bird using coconut shells and a funny frog. lt was fun and I am enjoying all the activities conducted online. Thank you Kashmira teacher.

Jacob Singh IV D


Craft is one subject that gives me jitters !!! I miss being in actual school as I get to learn from my teacher in person. At home, my dad is the one who teaches me and helps me out to understand and develop my interest in Craft. Today we had our Creative Craft Day and Kashmira Teacher had asked us to get the needed materials. Pearl Teacher taught us to make a cute Moving Frog out of paper cut-outs. Miss Kashmira sent us videos and I learned to use coconut shells and glass bottles creatively. I was excited to work with my dad and create these beautiful objects.

Rushaan Marolikar IV D


Today we have learned to create very fascinating articles during the Creative Craft Day. We were ready with the material required as our teacher gives us constant reminders. Miss Pearl came to our class and she showed us how to create a paper frog. In my class all made the frog. When we did this activity we were very happy. Miss Kashmira sent us one more activity video of how to create an angry bird using coconut shells. My parents and I enjoyed doing the activity together. Thank you Kashmira Teacher for making the online classes interesting.

Vihaan Charniya IV D


We had Creative Craft Day. We were asked to keep a few things ready for it. When we began I did not know what we were making but I guessed soon that it was a frog. Miss Pearl taught us how to make it in a simple manner. I enjoyed the activity. Thank you Ms. Kashmira for posting the videos in the Google Classroom.

Manvik Verma IV D


Creative Craft Day was celebrated on 27th October 2020, It was a fun filled day. I enjoyed every bit of it. The teacher taught us to make a moving frog. We all were so engaged in doing the activity that we didn’t realize the time. It was fun to make one.  Thank you teacher for this lovely activity.

Agnelo D’Souza IV C


Creative Craft Day was organized on 27th October, 2020. I wish it would be held every month. On this day we learnt creative things like making an angry bird from a coconut shell and a moving frog. I enjoyed making the frog along with the teacher. It was an amazing experience to make one. Thank you teacher for organizing this wonderful day.

Ayaan Sakkarwala IV C


We the boys of Std. IV had Creative Craft Day on 27th October through Google Meet. The teacher taught us to make a moving frog. I enjoyed the session. I tried making the frog and the angry bird with the coconut shell. Thanks to our teacher who encouraged us while doing the activity. I truly enjoyed the session.

Devansh Ayare IV C







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