The spirit of creativity developed in students

Std 1 B

Craft is passionately creating something with your hands. My teacher taught me

to make a bunny pencil holder. Rabbits love vegetables which shows that

vegetables are healthy and help us in keeping active so we can jump around like


  • Aden Dias


Activities help kids become energetic and motivated. Different activities

conducted helps the kids to grow and gain confidence. The students were very

happy while making the pencil bunny holder along with their class teacher. It

was a wonderful experience.

  • Beriyt Nadar


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. I learnt

to make a pencil bunny holder along with my teacher online. I really enjoyed

doing the activity. It feels like I can do any craft easily.

  • Gaurav Bitla


Crafting minds through fun and creative craft activity will definitely add new

set of skills in children’s minds. Students enjoyed the creative craft day

activity. Looking forward to having more such learning initiatives and many many thanks to Ranjana teacher for conducting simple and learning based craft


  • Reyansh Sharma

Small things give you big happiness. Craft is one of them. So today’s craft day

was a very joyful learning. I was very excited to make the bunny pencil holder

along with the teacher. My teacher had posted two videos on bindi work and

pencil waste flowers. I also watched those videos and created beautiful things.

  • Aaradhya Keny


Creative craft is a nice activity that helps children explore their skills and

develop interest in these activities, apart from learning other subjects. In

crafting there are no mistakes. It is your own unique creation. Thank you

Ranjana teacher for helping me explore my skills.

  • Aayansh Kamble


Craft time is the best time where our mind and body is relaxed. The best use of

imagination is creativity. I enjoyed the magic of creativity while making a

beautiful bunny pencil holder, flowers made from pencil shavings and bindi

work. Thanks to the class teacher for conducting simple craft activities.

  • Sohail Satam


Craft encourages children to make different things in a fun and relaxed

environment. Sometimes your heart speaks best through your hands. Today

I enjoyed myself a lot while making a bunny pencil holder, bindi work and

making flowers from pencil waste. It was very good experience creating

something with your own hands. Thanks to my class teacher for always

encouraging me to do things differently.

  • Harshit Kabre


Today I was very excited to do some craft activity for which my teacher had

asked us to keep a few cuts outs ready. My teacher helped us to make a bunny pencil holder. Even though it was online,  my teacher taught us very well. We were able to follow each and every instruction given to us. When we finished making the activity I really felt proud of myself that I did this craft with my own hands. Thanks to Ranjana teacher for always guiding us.

  • Revanth Padala


Today wasn’t just an ordinary day. Today I created something beautiful with the

help of my class teacher Ranjana Bhandare. She taught me how to make a bunny pencil holder. I was very happy when I completed the entire activity. I also watched the videos which my teacher posted in the classroom and did those activities along with my mother’s help.

  • Arnav Singh


Std I-D

Something handmade is much more meaningful!


Creative Craft Day gave me an idea of what all can be done out of different things in a simple way. I really enjoyed and look forward to more such days.

-Dwayne Monteiro


Looks difficult but I enjoyed doing activities on my own. Using googly eyes was something I liked about this activity.

– Vineet Monteiro


I enjoyed doing the craft activity. I enjoyed watching the videos with different craft ideas. I am going to try doing some of the craft articles on Sunday.

– Kaden Dias


I loved making the rabbit pencil holder during the online class. I especially enjoyed making my Spooky Spider at home with my mother.

– Ansh Gujarathi


I enjoyed participating in the Creative Craft Day. The day helped me explore myself doing various craft articles. I enjoyed preparing the pencil holder with the teacher and my classmates during the online class. The videos posted by the teacher were very useful which helped me to prepare many craft articles. I would like to thank my teachers for making us learn new things everyday.                                                                                               – Daksh Dansingh


On Creative Craft Day I prepared the creative pencil holder. I enjoyed watching the videos during the session.

-Pravin Nadar


I really had a lot of fun while preparing the pencil holder. I enjoyed celebrating the Creative Craft Day in a creative way.

– Daksh Chavan


I was excited for the Creative Craft Day, celebrating a day before while making arrangements for the materials. Pearl Teacher taught us to prepare a pencil holder using a paper cup. I was so happy to see my creative work and showed it to my parents and friends.

– Aaradhya Manjerakar


Creativity helps us to grow our mind. As I am more interested in craft work, I enjoyed making creative craft articles referring to the videos sent by my teacher.                                                                                                         – Arshbir Singh


Since the day teacher informed about the Creative craft day, I was very curious and excited. I loved preparing the cute rabbit faced pencil holder of my own and now I can use it to keep my pencils.

  • Athang Shinde


I have learnt to prepare the pencil holder by using simple things. I also got to know the ways of using the waste materials to prepare the best and creative articles.

–Veeru Duduka


Std I C


Today we had Creative Craft Day. It was surely a fun-filled day, we learnt to make use of pencil shavings which we generally throw away as waste. I enjoyed making the bunny pencil stand and made amazing creatures with colourful bindis.

  • Yohann Karzai


Thank you, teacher, for the wonderful activity. I loved making the rabbit pencil holder. It was amazing and fun to do pencil waste art. I never thought that mom’s bindi could do magic!

  • Saikrishiv Kumar



Std I A


Creative Craft Day on Saturday, 31st October, 2020 was interesting. I enjoyed making a bunny pencil holder activity during the online class.

  • Aden John Samuel


On Creative Craft Day, our teacher showed us videos on pencil, star, smiley, face and a pencil holder. I made a bunny rabbit pencil holder. I always enjoy and love doing art and craft activities. It was fun to learn it online.

  • iley Depp Rebello
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