Cultural Day Std 2
-Std 2 D students write on their experiences at the class cultural day

The Cultural Day of Std II was celebrated on Saturday 29th September. Our class put up a wonderful skit ‘Smile at your Neighbour spread Love and Peace’ on the theme ‘My Neighbour is My Responsibility’ scripted and directed by our class teacher Mrs. Kashmira Rodrigues. Colourful costumes, wonderful background and meaningful dialogues kept the audience engrossed. I was a part of the group for introducers and singers. I thoroughly enjoyed my role under the able guidance of my teacher. All the hard work was appreciated by our Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza who was all praise for the entire Grade II students and teachers and he encouraged all of us to smile more to win the world.
-Pranav Suresh Kumar 2D

Our Cultural Day was “Smile at your Neighbour spread Love and Peace.” The Bianchi Hall was filled with excited parents all waiting to see their kids perform. Our Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza in his address to the parents expressed what a smile could do and our parents and kids went back home with a smile on their faces and a happy heart.
-Rion Serrao 2 D

I enjoyed performing for the cultural day. The skit was about a child Sunny who never smiles and I enacted the roll of an elf in the skit that makes the other children in the neighbourhood understand their responsibility towards their neighbour. Our teacher put in a lot of hard work to see that we performed well. I feel very proud to say that the comperes of the show were our own boys unlike other schools where the teachers take over. That is the beauty of Don Bosco School.
-Athaang Shirkar 2 D

On 29th of September Std II had their Cultural Day. Our class teacher Ms. Kashmira trained us very well and each of us did our best. She was very happy about the same and praised us. I was happy to hold the banner which read ‘My Neighbour is My Responsibility’ along with my classmate Akshit. The garden scene along with the toad stools that were placed on the stage made everything look very attractive. We displayed a scene at school and at home covering our entire neighbouhood. The Rector was very happy and praised Pranav for sharing his mike with the other singer when one mike stopped working.We had a great Cultural Day and all the boys enjoyed performing the same.
Kanishk Kose 2 D

Cultural Day for Std II was celebrated on 29th September 2018.The programme started with a warm welcome song. My mum and dad attended the programme and enjoyed every moment of it. I enjoyed my role as an introducer and singer. My teacher put in a lot of efforts in helping us perform. Fr. Rector explained the theme of the programme beautifully by praising our performance.
Ethan D’Souza 2 D

We the boys of Std II D enacted a skit which gave the message on the importance of having good neighbours. Our skit included three songs along with dance which kept everyone entertained. Our teacher put in a lot of efforts to make this celebration a grand success. The décor, props and costumes were fantastic. As introducers we wore blazers which our teacher told us that we indeed looked very smart.Our teacher provided us with jackets and hats from the costume room while we performed as singers.I am sure the children, parents, teachers and members of the management enjoyed our cultural day.
-Arnav Singh 2D

A combination of a beautiful theme My Neighbour, My Responsibility with the wonderful direction of our class teacher Ms. Kashmira, assistance from our parents and hard work as a team resulted into a fantastic show of art and music. Actors, dancers, singers and comperes each one of us dressed in our respective costumes were filled with enthusiasm and put in our best which was highly appreciated by our class teacher. The smile on her face said it all. The management and parents cheered us throughout to keep our spirits high.
Rushaan Marolikar 2 D

For our Cultural Day all the four divisions of Std II put up an entertaining programme. Teacher took a lot of trouble and seen to it that we gave in our best shot. Our skit included songs, dances and dialogues which were appreciated by everyone. We enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun. We learnt how important it is to be a good neighbour to each other.
Daniel Pereira 2 D

The atmospheric spirit of the Cultural Day “Smile at your neighbor spread Love and Peace” was felt throughout the show. It was indeed an energetic and colourful performance by the students. Melodious music and chorus singing added to the entertainment. Thanks to our teacher for her tireless effort in organizing this wonderful show.
-Javin Anton 2 D

Here comes the most awaited part of the year “Our Cultural Day”. Well thought and well executed. Every student of my class showcased their best performance. The hard work of our teacher and parents to prepare the props was very evident on the stage.
-Vivan Selvakumar 2 D

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